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Food, for the purposes of The Witcher, is defined as any edible item that restores vitality. I have subdivided the items as follows, in the game they are all categorised as food:

Drink, in this context, is any liquid that restores endurance when consumed. Thus the alcoholic beverages in the game are not considered part of "food and drink" for the purposes of this topic, think of them as potion bases, or hard liquor.

In the Enhanced edition, food is subdivided into categories only by price. It is food for sell(buy) - 1(5), 2(10), 3(15), 4(20) or 5(25) orens.

Drink, in The Witcher, comes in two varieties: alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages.


food effect icon

  • Food provides a slightly accelerated vitality regeneration which lasts for 9 game minutes.
  • Drink provides a slightly accelerated endurance regeneration which lasts for 9 game minutes.
  • Do not eat two of the exact same food items or the second one will override the effects of the first. For example, if you eat a blueberry and a strawberry you will get the benefit of increased vitality regeneration for 9 minutes each and see two red icons. However, if you eat bread and begin accelerated healing, then eat more bread a minute later, the "countdown" is simply reset back to 9, and you have wasted some of the benefit.
  • In the Enhanced edition, you must eat/drink food with different prices to get several regeneration bonuses. If you eat food for 1(5) orens, then if you eat another food for 1(5) orens, you will get the countdown reseted. Thus if in the EE you eat bread and blueberry, you will not get a second regeneration bonus, but only reset the first one to 9 minutes. You must then eat a food for 2,3,4 or 5 orens to get additional regeneration bonus. Thus you can have a maximum of 5 regeneration bonuses - one for all 5 price variations of food.


  • The price of the item is based on the perceived difficulty to acquiring it, not the amount of vitality or endurance the item restores. More precisely, all food and drink seems to increase vitality regeneration for 9 minutes, but some food items are more expensive than others.
  • Selling price is always one fifth (20%) of the buying price. Thus an item costing 5 will sell for 1. Bottled Water costs 3, but because the selling price is less than 1, no one will buy it!

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