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Declan, a prominent merchant

There are many merchants that Geralt encounters in his travels through Vizima and environs. Some are specialists, others are generalists and a few a just opportunists.

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Notable Merchants[]

Declan Leuvaarden Abigail
Elder druid
Haren Brogg the Hermit Julian
Kalkstein Murky Waters healer Thaler Vaska Gardener

Merchants by Chapter[]

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Chapter IV Chapter IV[]

Chapter V Chapter V[]

Journal entry / Romance card[]

This journal entry pertains only to one of two mutually exclusive encounters that Geralt has in the Trade Quarter with a noblewoman.

"Vizima's Trade Quarter — rich townspeople with sophisticated tastes and knowledge of the newest fashions."

The first is a woman in a vermilion dress (over a white chemise, with purple trim on her headdress), found near the jester on John Natalis Square. She wants you to prove your manliness, either by presenting her with a kikimore claw or by offering her an insultingly low fee (0 works). The other option is a (possibly drunk) woman in white, near the town hall, who uses a "missing" silk scarf to start a conversation with the witcher.


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