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Oils are blade enhancements which provide specific, though temporary, additional qualities to silver and steel swords. Some oils are sword specific, while others are general purpose.



  • The creation of sword oils (coatings) requires the Oil Preparation attribute.
  • All oils have a duration of 24 hours, or "long".
  • Only one oil can be applied per sword at a time. The effects do not stack. Using a new oil on a sword will replace any current oil and its corresponding effects.

All-purpose oils[]

Italic text in Effect column reflects the in-game text whilst mousing over a sword to which an oil has been applied.

Images Name Ingredients Effect
Brown oil
effect icon
Brown oil Rebis Aether Quebrith Vermilion Vermilion Brown oil accelerates bleeding; creatures lacking a circulatory system are immune to its effects. Considerable chance of causing Bleeding in foes with every hit.
Crinfrid oil
effect icon
Crinfrid oil Vitriol Aether Hydragenum Vermilion Vermilion A blade coated with this substance causes crippling pain to a wounded creature; creatures which do not feel pain are immune to its effects. Considerable chance of inflicting Pain on foes with every hit.
Hanged man's venom
effect icon
Hanged man's venom Vitriol Aether Rebis Hydragenum Vermilion This blade coating poisons wounded opponents, yet it is ineffective against monsters whose physiology differs greatly from that of humans. Considerable chance of Poisoning foes with every hit.
Blade coating Mystery Oil unknown Eliminates corrosion and improves low quality blades. Found (not reliably) in the kikimore queen's lair (on her body?), on the werewolf's body, on Azar Javed's body, in a chest in the old mine and in the trunk in the striga's chamber. Testing performed on said low-quality weapons such as the Rusty Sword have yielded no results.

Oils for silver swords[]

Except for Argentia, these oils can also be used on steel swords, it is simply preferable to use a silver sword against the creatures for which they are intended.

Images Name Ingredients Effect
effect icon
Argentia Quebrith Quebrith Hydragenum Hydragenum Rebis Witchers coat their silver blades with Argentia, which increases the effectiveness of silver, but weakens steel blades. Damage inflicted increased by 60% (silver sword); Reduced Damage incurred (steel sword).
Insectoid Oil
effect icon
Insectoid Oil Rebis Quebrith Aether Vermilion A blade coated with this substance inflicts increased damage on all insectoid creatures. Damage inflicted on insectoids increased by 100%.
Necrophage Oil
effect icon
Necrophage Oil Vitriol Vitriol Aether A blade coated with this substance inflicts increased damage on necrophages. Damage inflicted on necrophages increased by 100%.
Ornithosaur oil
effect icon
Ornithosaur oil Vitriol Quebrith Rebis Hydragenum A blade coated with this substance inflicts increased damage on ornithosaur. Damage inflicted on ornithosaur increased by 100%.
Specter Oil
effect icon
Specter Oil Vitriol Rebis Aether A blade coated with this substance inflicts increased damage on specters. Damage inflicted on specters increased by 100%.
Vampire Oil
effect icon
Vampire Oil Vitriol Vermilion Hydragenum Quebrith Quebrith A blade coated with this substance causes increased damage to all types of vampires. Damage inflicted on vampires increased by 100%.

Detrimental oils[]

These blade coatings actually harm your blade, so beware!

Images Name Ingredients Effect
failed oil
effect icon
Detrimental oil any other combination This oil would likely be labelled "unknown oil" until you used it, at which point your blade will be weakened for 24 hours (or until you apply new oil).

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