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Potions are used throughout the game. There are the so-called "normal" potions, mutagenic potions and a few others. They can be used to increase the regeneration rate of character statistics like vitality and endurance, or they can be used to temporarily increase the base amount of those same statistics. They can also be used to nullify effects like toxicity or drunkenness, or to see in the dark.

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Potion toxicity[]

The ratings below are out of 100

  • Low (10–14)
  • Medium (15–20)
  • High (21–25)
  • Very High (26–30)

The primary way to reduce the toxicity of consumed potions and maintain their intended effects, is to only use ingredients with the same secondary substance: Albedo. For longer lasting potions, it is possible to consume the potions, meditate for only one hour and then enjoy the benefits for the remaining effect duration interval. Using this approach, longer lasting potions can be consumed first, then Geralt can meditate for one hour and consume more potions after the period of meditation.

Normal potions Normal Potions[]

Italic text in Effect column reflect the in-game text on the medallion area when a potion is used.

Images Name Ingredients Effect Duration Toxicity
effect icon
Bindweed Aether Quebrith Vermilion Increases resistance to acid and acid-based poisons. Acid resistance increased by 70%. 8 hrs Medium
Black Blood
effect icon
Black Blood Vitriol Vitriol Vitriol Rebis Aether Turns imbiber's blood into poison; blood becomes lethal to monsters which drink it. Monsters feeding on Geralt die immediately. 8 hrs High
effect icon
Blizzard Vitriol Vitriol Rebis Rebis Boosts reflexes and reaction time, improving chance of parrying and evading attacks. Dodge Efficiency increased by 50%; Parry Efficiency increased by 50%. 0.3 hrs
(20 min)
effect icon
Cat Rebis Quebrith Quebrith Grants vision in total darkness.Seeing in the dark. 8 hrs Low
De Vries' Extract
effect icon
De Vries' Extract Rebis Aether Quebrith Quebrith Hydragenum Makes hidden opponents visible. Advanced night vision; Ability to detect invisible beings; Ability to see through walls. 1 hr Medium
Full Moon
effect icon
Full Moon Quebrith Hydragenum Hydragenum Vermilion Vermilion Greatly increases maximum Vitality. Maximum Vitality doubled. 8 hrs High
Golden Oriole
effect icon
Golden Oriole Vitriol Vitriol Aether Aether Increases resistance to poison. Neutralizes the effects of any previously imbibed poisons. Poison resistance increased by 70%. 8 hrs Medium
effect icon
Kiss Vitriol Vitriol Vermilion Increases resistance to bleeding; stanches any current bleeding. Resistance to Bleeding increased by 70%. 8 hrs Medium
Maribor Forest
effect icon
Maribor Forest Rebis Rebis Aether Quebrith Significantly increases maximum Endurance. Maximum Endurance increased by 50%. 8 hrs Medium
effect icon
Perfume Vitriol Aether Quebrith Upon consumption — Alcohol Intoxication (for a few seconds) : Attack efficiency reduced by 50%. Should really only be used as a gift. Contains alcohol, lots of it. Can be sold for 20 oren(s). 8 hrs Low
Petri's Philter
effect icon
Petri's Philter Rebis Rebis Quebrith Hydragenum Vermilion Increases the intensity of Signs. Sign intensity inceased by 50%. 8 hrs Very High
effect icon
Shrike Rebis Quebrith Hydragenum Vermilion Vermilion Inflicts pain on assailants during combat. Critical effect Pain inflicted on foes wounding Geralt. 8 hrs High
effect icon
Swallow Vitriol Rebis Rebis Aether Significantly increases Vitality regeneration. Modestly accelerates Vitality regeneration. 2 hrs Medium
Tawny owl
effect icon
Tawny owl Vitriol Aether Aether Significantly increases Endurance regeneration. Significantly accelerates Endurance regeneration. 8 hrs Medium
effect icon
Thunderbolt Vitriol Rebis Hydragenum Vermilion Vermilion Increases damage inflicted on opponents but makes dodging and parrying impossible. Damage inflicted increased by 100%; Dodge efficiency reduced to 50%; Parry efficiency reduced to 50%. 8 hrs High
White Honey
effect icon
White Honey Vitriol Rebis Aether Reduces Toxicity to zero and cancels the effects of other potions. Immediate None
White Raffard's Decoction
effect icon
White Raffard's decoction Vitriol Rebis Hydragenum Hydragenum Immediately restores some lost Vitality. Can be sold for 40 oren(s). Immediate High
effect icon
Willow Aether Aether Quebrith This potion grants immunity to the stun and knockdown effects. Immunity to Stun and Knockdown effects. 8 hrs High
Wives' Tears
effect icon
Wives' Tears Rebis Aether Quebrith Neutralizes the effects of alcohol intoxication i.e. drunkenness not toxicity. Can be sold for 20 oren(s). Immediate Low
effect icon
Wolf Vitriol Vitriol Hydragenum Hydragenum Vermilion Increases chance of a critical hit. Chance of inflicting critical effect Precise Hit increased by 50%. 8 hrs Medium
effect icon
Wolverine Aether Aether Quebrith Hydragenum Vermilion Wolverine increases damage inflicted when a witcher's Vitality falls below half. Upon consumption — Intoxication: Attack efficiecny reduced by 50%. 8 hrs Medium

Mutagenic potions Mutagenic Potions[]

Image Name Ingredients Special ingredient Effect
Dagon Sap
Dagon Sap Substances Dagon secretions.png Rebis Aether Hydragenum Vermilion Dagon secretions Allows you to acquire the "True Grit" Strength upgrade.
Frightener's Vision
Frightener's Vision Substances Frighteners eye.png Vitriol Rebis Quebrith Frightener's eye Grants 1 Bronze talent.
Golem's Pith
Golem's Pith Substances Golems obsidian heart.png Vitriol Aether Quebrith Hydragenum Golem's obsidian heart Allows you to acquire the "Moonrise" Intelligence upgrade.
Hellhound's Soul
Hellhound's Soul Substances Trace of the beyond.png Vitriol Rebis Rebis Trace of the Beyond Grants 1 Silver talent.
Kikimore's Ire
Kikimore's Ire Substances Kikimore queens nerve.png Vitriol Quebrith Hydragenum Vermilion Kikimore queen's nerve Allows you to acquire the "Mutation" Stamina upgrade.
Koshchey's Core
Koshchey's Core Substances Koshchey heart.png Aether Hydragenum Hydragenum Koshchey heart Grants 1 Gold talent.
Striga's Urge
Striga's Urge Substances Striga heart.png Vitriol Aether Hydragenum Striga heart Grants 1 Silver and 1 Bronze talent.
Werewolf's Wrath
Werewolf's Wrath Substances Werewolf fur.png Aether Quebrith Hydragenum Vermilion Werewolf fur Allows you to acquire the "Predator" Dexterity upgrade.
Zeugl's Vigor
Zeugl's Vigor Substances Zeugl venom.png Rebis Aether Aether Zeugl venom Grants 1 Silver and 1 Gold talent.

Other potions Other Potions[]

Image Name Ingredients Notes Effect
Fisstech Quebrith Hydragenum Hydragenum Hydragenum Vermilion A strong drug with a long duration; Can be sold for 20 oren(s) Upon consumption — Pass out instantly.
Lycanthropy potion
Lycanthropy potion unknown Quest item for Vincent only, made by Kalkstein. Might cure Vincent.
Potion for Triss
Potion for Triss Substances Frighteners claw.png Substances Celandine.png Substances Calcium equum.png Quest item for Triss only, made by Geralt. Cures Triss and only Triss.
White Gull
White Gull Vitriol Vitriol Rebis Alchemical base used to make other potions. Mild witchers' hallucinogen. Intoxication: Attack efficiency reduced by 50%.
alchemical disaster Failed potion any other combination Do not try to drink it (at least save the game first!). Random effect: poison, blinding, pain, death.

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