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This page serves as a launching point for the many useful pages which contain the "in-game" price of items in The Witcher. For all the lists below, the columns entitled "Buy" list the cost to Geralt of purchasing the corresponding item. Not every merchant buys items at the same price, some do take advantage, so beware!

Buying price ranges[]

Item type Comments Minimum Maximum
weapons This includes short and heavy weapons only, not named swords. 10 oren(s) 500 oren(s)
Food This includes all food items as well as "additional goods". 1 oren(s) 25 oren(s)
Alcohol This includes beer, mead and wine. 1 oren(s) 40 oren(s)
Unique extracts This is the range of sell prices for mutagens. 1 oren(s) 150 oren(s)
Jewelry This includes rings, necklaces, precious stones and the like. 20 oren(s) 1000 oren(s)
Books This includes books and scrolls. 0 oren(s) 1000 oren(s)
Monster parts All monster parts except unique ingredients / mutagens. 1 oren(s) 40 oren(s)
Weapon Upgrades These include runes and meteorite pieces. 1 oren(s) 800 oren(s)
Flowers This list includes ordinary flowers, not herbal flowers. 10 oren(s) 50 oren(s)
Clothing This list only includes clothing used as gifts, like shawls and gloves. 25 oren(s) 200 oren(s)
Black powder These are bomb-making bases. 2 oren(s) 70 oren(s)
Grease These are oil-making bases. 2 oren(s) 70 oren(s)
Herbs These are the plants and flowers used in alchemy. 1 oren(s) 30 oren(s)
Alcohol, Strong These are potion-making bases. 8 oren(s) 100 oren(s)
Minerals These are the minerals and liquids found in the game. 1 oren(s) 100 oren(s)
Candy This includes only "candy" and "sugardolls". 1 oren(s) 25 oren(s)