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This page is a quick reference to all Secondary quests in The Witcher.


The term "secondary", as opposed to "optional" is far more accurate as many of these quests, despite being classified as secondary, are actually necessary to the plot of the game.


By Chapter[]

  • Note: For brevity, Contracts are not included in the lists by Chapter below:
A Potion for Triss
Berengar's Secret
Chapter I
A Game of Dice
Dead Hand of the Past
Dice Poker: The Novice
Hot Potato
King of the Crypt
She's No Early Bird
The Monster of the Lake
Chapter II
A Ghost Story
A Gravedigger's Gratitude
A Long Way from Home
A Lost Lamb
A Most Uncommon Wine
A Pilgrimage
A Restless Ghost
Bloodthirsty Vegetation
Dice Poker: The Professional
Finders Keepers
Flowers and Gold
Force Recon
Memory of a Blade
Chapter II (continued)
Old Friend of Mine
Safe Haven
Suspect: Kalkstein
Suspect: Leuvaarden
Suspect: Ramsmeat
Suspect: Thaler
Suspect: Vincent Meis
Suspect: Vivaldi
The Beast of the Sewers
The Cannibal
The Rat
What Lies Beneath
Working Girls
Worth its Weight in Gold

Chapter III
All the King's Men
Beauty and the Beast
Blue Eyes
Dandelion's Lute
Dice Poker: The Sharper
Echoes of Yesterday
Medic in Distress
Six Feet Under
The Predatory Wyvern
The Ring
White Fang
Won't Hurt a Bit
Chapter IV
Daily Bread
Hunting the Wild Hunt
Old Habits Die Hard
Small Problems
The Ancient Cemetaur
The Paths of Destiny
The Vodyan Priest
Chapter V
A Gnomish Device
A Magic Formula
Mud and Velvet
Saint Gregory's Litany
The Vampiress of the Swamp
Frozen Reflections