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The mage Alexander's log, part 1
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Common item
Mage's tower on Fyke Isle
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Price to buy
1 crown(s)
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0 weight

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Journal entry[]

Day 237
My experiments continue to return results I must consider unreliable. Methodological errors are not at fault. The problem lies in the shoddy and fallible research material I am forced to work with. Despite his prior assurance, Vserad is unable to provide me with enough moderately healthy specimens for my tests. Most of the material is starved and terrified. having been dragged here straight from the dungeon. I wast a great deal of time daily washing and delousing them before I will so much as let them step foot into my laboratory. Sterility first.
As Marti Sodergren managed to prove in her little-known work, the attitude of a patient undergoing treatment can have a significant impact on the battle against the disease. Unfortunately the volunteers with which I am supplied do not show sufficient comprehension – let alone enthusiasm – for the noble work in which they are taking part. In fact, it seems they consider the research part of their punishment. I have tried a few times (though I am but a poor speaker) to convince them that they are contributing to the eradication of one of the greatest plagues tormenting mankind. I had the distinct impression they understood little, but perhaps their stupor was merely a result of the early stages of the illness.
Of course, it is impossible to achieve success without significant sacrifices. The overwhelming majority of them will have to lay down their trifling lives on the altar of learning. But that is a sacrifice I am willing to make.

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