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A therianthrope is a human or member of another humanoid race who due to his or her genetics or a curse can shapeshift into an animal, or into a half-human/half-animal. If the ability is a result of a curse, therianthrope can shapeshift only during a full moon. [1] Silver is lethal to these individuals.

Following types of therianthropes are known:

Known therianthropes[]


  • Despite their name, werebbubbs are not therianthropes. Were- part stands for were, an archaic term for male human. In original Polish edition, they are called bobołaks, and again the -łak has the elder meaning, coming from the Proto-Slavic lakъ, meaning skin. Bobołak is just one of numerous variants of similarly called creatures in several folklores, including Slovakian bubulak, Polish bobok, bebok, babok and babuk, Greek baboulas, Mediterranean babau, English bogeyman or bugbear, German Butzemann, Egyptian al-Bu’buand many others. Therefore bobołak can mean bogey-skinned or bogey-man.


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