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Herbalist}} Tomira
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Tomira, the herbalist
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East across the Sawmill
White Orchard
Tis so in every village, even the smallest. You need only ask.
~ Tomira on village misfortunes, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Tomira is the herbalist of White Orchard. Her house is surrounded by a garden of herbs. A notice nailed to a tree nearby Willis' forge and the notice board in the main village advises passersby that she will pay top coin for honeycombs and accepts them in large quantities.

During Geralt's stay in White Orchard, he met her while planning to bait the griffin with buckthorn, asking her where to find it. He came upon her treating a dying, young girl attacked by the mentioned beast by giving her small doses of beggartick blossoms to ease the pain and give the girl dreams in her last moments. Tomira was also a dear friend to Claer from a former village south of White Orchard. She told him of what happened to her and why she was probably killed.

She was a student of Nenneke at the Temple of Melitele in Ellander since she was eighteen until an unspecified age. When she fell in love with a boy named Goslav and spent a summer with him (but later on leaving her), the high priestess Nenneke refused to take her back in her apprenticeship. Presumably, her parents were also disappointed and then estranged her — giving her "a travel cloak and a small coin pouch". After struggling to find a place to settle where she would feel "safe and needed", she eventually found White Orchard.


Tomira sells lesser glyphs of quen, and powdered pearls and bear hides (can be dismantled) - items that can both be used for crafting;

alchemical formulae and ingredients:

and herbs (which are also alchemical ingredients):


  • She only appears after talking to the Nilfgaardian Garrison's captain.
  • Herbs in her garden includes: Moleyarrows, Ribleaves, and Hellebore flowers. There are some inside bags or growing wild which are White myrtle petals and Blowballs.
  • Asking her about Claer and Holger nets an additional 10 XP earned based on the Story and Swords! difficulty level, 10 crown(s), 4 Saltpeter, 8 Berbercane fruits, 8 Hellebore petals, and 6 Cortinarius.
  • It is not known why she needs honey so much.

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