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The Traders' Trail runs at least partly through the duchy of Ellander. It is used by merchants and traders and so is prime territory for bandits.

Geralt, the poet said suddenly, surely we won't head straight south? We'll have to make a detour to avoid Ellander and Hereward's lands, won't we? Or do you intend to continue with this show? No, Dandilion, I don't. We'll go through the forests and then join the Traders' Trail. Remember, not a word in Nenneke's presence about the quarrel. Not a word.
— pg(s). 276, The Last Wish (UK edition)
...And I met him again later on the Merchants' Trail, where, at Gildia's request, he slew a ferocious griffin which was preying on the caravans and thus saved the lives of many good people.
— pg(s). 12, Blood of Elves (UK edition)

Note[ | ]

In The Last Wish, Danusia Stok called the trail "the Traders' Trail" whereas she used "the Merchants' Trail" in Blood of Elves.