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Triss Merigold
Triss Merigold in The Witcher 3
Fourteenth of the Hill
Merigold the Fearless
Northern Realms
Flag Temeria Cedric
Foltest's Royal Council, Lodge of Sorceresses
Special abilities
Maribor, Vizima, Novigrad
Physical Description
Eye color
Cornflower-blue (in the books)
green (in The Witcher games)
Hair color
Chestnut (in the books)
red (in The Witcher games)
Geralt of Rivia (brief liaison)

Triss Merigold of Maribor is a sorceress. She is called the "Fourteenth of the Hill" because she was erroneously thought to have been killed during the Battle of Sodden Hill. A friend of Yennefer and witcher Geralt, she is unhappily in love with the latter. Triss took care of Ciri at Kaer Morhen for some time and is like an older sister to her. It was through her intervention that Ciri was not inadvertently given harmful elixirs, the witchers were planing on subjecting her to the Trial of the Grasses as a last resort in an attempt to control Ciri's growing magical power. This would have either killed Ciri or made her a mutant, a fully fledged "witcheress", meaning she would become barren, unable to bear children like every other sterile witcher. Triss was a member of King Foltest's royal council along with Fercart and Keira Metz, as well as a founding member of the Lodge of Sorceresses.

She is a skilled healer and carries with her many magical potions, but she never uses them on herself because ironically, she is allergic to magic. She is also quite a powerful mage, certainly when it counts most. She wears an amulet - sapphire overlaid with silver.

In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Triss returns in The Witcher 3. She is holed up in Novigrad, aiding other mages suffering persecution from Radovid's forces and witch hunters. Her interactions with Yennefer prove quite interesting.

Journal entry

I always considered it a point of particular pride to count Triss Merigold of Maribor among my closest and dearest friends. This exceptionally talented sorceress was a shining star of her profession, the former mage advisor to King Foltest, and a famous hero of the Battle of Sodden, known as the Fourteenth of the Hill. Yet in no way did she resemble her often unbearably haughty sisters in magic. Her deft mind, warm smile and considerable personal charm had always won over even the hardest of hearts.
Though my personal relations with Triss never ventured beyond the fraternal, Geralt of Rivia at on point found her allure irresistible. From then on the two shared feelings that ran far deeper than a superficial and fleeting fancy.
Yennefer told Geralt that Triss had recently taken up residence in the Free City of Novigrad.
It seemed Triss had gone into hiding from the so-called witch hunters persecuting magic wielders in the city, turning to one of the leaders of the local underworld for protection.
After a bit of a run-around Geralt found the sorceress, who had indeed entered into an arrangement with the so-called King of Beggars. She paid for his protection by providing magic services to his organization. Though Triss did not know anything about Ciri and her stay in Novigrad, she promised to do all within her power to aid Geralt's search.
Though theoretically Triss and Geralt had ended their romance half a year earlier, it was clear the feelings they felt for each other had not vanished so easily. To deal with this, the sorceress pretended that nothing had happened and the witcher, as is his wont, sheepishly masked his feelings with a mix of hesitant interest and fake indifference. It must be said that both of them handled the situation quite awkwardly.
The plan to get close to Caleb Menge that Triss presented to the witcher was very risky and placed her in great danger. The sorceress knew, however, that Ciri's life might be on the line, and so did not hesitate for even a moment.
If Geralt kisses Triss during the banquet at the Vegelbud Estate:
The sorceress' laugh, the look in her cornflower blue eyes, the memory of enchanting moments spent together - all that surely weighed on Geralt's decision to kiss Triss in the Vegelbuds' garden. And though their moment of sweet oblivion lasted briefly, it breathed a gale's worth of new life into the feelings between them.

Associated quests

In The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

The familiar Triss returns in the second game, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, and plays a major role throughout the story. She first appears in the prologue as Geralt's lover; her feelings for him have evidently remained unchanged. Throughout the first act a number of references are made to their relationship, but she is not the only romance option in the game, and as such may or may not remain central to the plot in the latter chapters.


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Triss is the default romance option in the game, and the game begins with her and Geralt already in a relationship. The opening scene of Geralt's story shows him getting up as Triss lies naked beside him as a messenger soldier enters their tent to summon the witcher to King Foltest's side.

Chapter I

The first real opportunity arises near the end of Chapter I during the quest "The Rose of Remembrance". When given the option to go alone to the Ruined elven baths or take Triss, Geralt can choose to take the sorceress along with him. After a battle partway through the quest, the ground under their feet collapses, sending the two plummeting into ancient elven baths. Nothing that an immediate escape is impossible, the two can take advantage of their location enjoying each other and taking a short break from all the troubles in this hidden paradise. Selecting the correct conversation options suggesting to take a bath will initiate a cutscene. Probably one of the most erotic, romantic and beautiful in the entire game. This short moment of bliss couldn't last forever and is summarized by Triss in such a way: "We should take walks more often. For a while there, I forgot all about Flotsam, the Scoia'tael, the kingslayer, the whole world really...".

Journal Entry

I have known the sorceress Triss Merigold for a long time, for she is one of the Geralt's closest friends. The young, pretty, talented, auburn-haired mage from Maribor hardly reminded me of the giggling flapper of years past. Her knowledge, abilities and loyalty had brought her far. A hero from Sodden, known as the Fourteenth of the Hill - for she was mistakenly counted as the fourteenth mage to die in that battle - she sat on the royal council of King Foltest of Temeria. And though they say that a monarch's favor is uncertain - for the king had once expelled all mages from Temeria - Triss had managed to gain Foltest's trust. As regards the witcher, everyone who was witness to Triss' friendship with Geralt, anyone who saw them together, would easily confirm that these two had much in common... And it is common knowledge that an old flame never dies...
For those reasons, after Foltest's death the sorceress decided that she would help the witcher most by staying by his side. Not heeding her threatened position at court, she harnessed all her strength and powers to helping Geralt, whom she still had feelings to.
I was not there at the time, but I heard tales of the show of power Triss put on at that beach near Flotsam. Though she was weakened and barely conscious, the sorceress managed to sustain a magical barrier and the three survived the Scoia'tael arrows thanks to her.
Nobody was surprised that Triss knew Sile de Tansarville. A more attentive observer would certainly have noticed the chill in their greetings, as well as Triss' evident dislike of her elder colleague.
If Geralt agrees to forget about chasing the king slayer:
The sorceress' greatest desire was to be the one and only woman in Geralt's life, and to forget about all the troubles and dangers they had recently experienced. Geralt agreed to her proposal, but before they could act, Fate showed them how hard it can be to carry out such romantic plans.
If Geralt decides he must continue chasing the king's slayer:
The sorceress' greatest desire was to be the one and only woman in Geralt's life, and to forget about all the troubles and dangers they had recently experienced. Geralt was close to agreeing to her proposal, yet he knew that it would be impossible to lead a quiet life until he could clear his name. His decision saddened Triss, but the sorceress understood.
Triss was kidnapped by Letho. Geralt and I feared what he might do to her. Believe me, it was eating me alive, making rest impossible.
Searching Sile's quarters and talking to her neighbor brought more questions than answers. It appeared that Triss had known the woman she had talked to, but the fragments of the conversation recounted to us remained mysterious.
Triss had reached Aedirn – there was evidence to prove it. Finding her would prove difficult, however.
If Geralt chooses Iorveth's path and helps Philippa in order to lift a curse from Saskia instead of rescuing Triss:
In Aedirn, the search for Triss ended with the discovery of a bitter truth - transformed into a nephrite figurine, she had ironically been in the possession of an oblivious Geralt for a time and he had brought her straight to the Nilfgaardian camp. The Nilfgaardian emissary envisioned a special part for her in Loc Muinne...
If Geralt chooses Roche's path and rescues Anais La Valette instead of Triss:
The testimony Shilard extracted from Triss was used to accuse the sorcerers. In this way Miss Merigold contributed involuntarily to a witch-hunt greater than any before it.
In the end the sorceress was freed by a witcher, yet it was not Geralt. Thanks to Letho she escaped unharmed, but I am sure she would be glad to forget the time she spent in Nilfgaardian captivity. Thus were the lovers reunited among the ruins of Loc Muinne after their long parting, and the story of Triss Merigold's kidnapping ended.
If Geralt rescues Triss instead of Anais La Valette or Philippa:
Yet the witcher foiled this plan, wrestling Triss from Nilfgaardian hands. I described the story's finale in one of my ballads, omitting the carnage Geralt wrought there, however. For his part, he thinks that my version, with its colorful description of a mounted pursuit of Renuald aep Matsen, a limp sorceress trundled across his saddle, is too pretentious. Witchers...no sense of licentia poetica at all.
Triss had one more part to play, and a significant one at that. Thanks to her, De Tansarville's machinations were publicly revealed. The scene – now known as "Triss Merigold accuses the Lone Witch of Kovir" – passed into history and presently is one of the more common motifs in contemporary painting.

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Videos from the second game

Triss Official Trailer Sex with Triss

In The Witcher computer game

Triss is one of the major characters in The Witcher computer game. She is one of the first people Geralt meets after being found unconscious in the woods by fellow witchers, who are quite possibly, some of the last witchers in the world. After dealing with the Salamandra invasion of Kaer Morhen, Triss is gravely wounded and requires a special potion that Geralt must brew to help her recover. After drinking the potion, she offers Geralt his first sexual encounter of the game.

She is also the one to nurse Geralt back health after his first battle with Azar Javed in the Swamp. Once Geralt regains consciousness, he finds himself in the bedroom of her luxurious Trade Quarter home, and he sees her talking presumably to another sorceress. She diligently "checks him for internal injuries".

Journal Entry

Along with me and the other witchers, Triss fought in defense of Kaer Morhen. The sorceress stood against the mysterious mage, one of the leaders of the assault. She was injured and lost consciousness. Ironically, Triss is allergic to magic and she can only be administered natural healing potions.
Triss Merigold is my friend. She saw me die and my return to the world of the living surprised her. Triss is a sorceress — one of the most influential and talented of her kind. She has numerous powerful friends, and she knows the Kaer Morhen witchers. She is one of the few people who know the way to the fortress. I have a feeling Triss likes me a lot.
After Leo's funeral, the sorceress teleported to Vizima. She decided to use her extensive contacts and search for information on Salamandra. Triss promised to find me as soon as I arrive in Vizima.
Triss found me in the swamp, where I lay unconscious after my clash with Azar Javed. She transported me to her house in the Trade Quarter and took care of me until I came round. Lying there awake I overheard Triss gossip with her friend on the magic communicator, and I now know that other sorceresses are also interested in Salamandra.
if Geralt leaves Alvin with Shani:
I left Alvin in Shani's care. Triss decided that I don't trust her and that I prefer the medic. She is angry with me and it seems our affair is over.
if Geralt leaves Alvin with Triss:
I concluded that it would be best to leave Alvin in Triss' care. She saw my choice as proof of my trust. She decided I liked her more than Shani, which only improved our relationship.
Dandelion delivered a letter from Triss. The sorceress has asked me to take good care of Alvin. She is also worried about me — she hopes we can have a steady relationship and raise Alvin together when I complete my mission.
I answered Triss' letter and explained my feelings.
After Foltest's return to Vizima, Triss fell into disfavor — the monarch didn't approve of her political scheming. The sorceress is practically a hostage at the Royal Palace and her fate is in my hands.
Witcher medallion Triss joined me during the attack on the Old Manor. As a friend, she aids me in my search. I think she seeks revenge on Azar Javed for their magical duel at Kaer Morhen.
I met Triss, or rather a vision of her, in the Ice Plains. The sorceress helped me pursue the Grand Master.

Associated quests

Differences from the novels

  • After her fall at Sodden Hill and her consequent resuscitation, Triss mentions that she "will never again be able to wear a dress with a low neckline", suggesting that some skin disfigurment still remains on her chest. In the game however, she displays a generous amount of cleavage without any traces of damage whatsoever.
  • Also, her hair colour is portrayed red in the games, whereas in the books it is described as chestnut.


  • At the beginning of Chapter III, Triss is likely talking to Keira Metz in the mirror.
  • If you decide to get her a ring, it must have a ruby in it or be a gold diamond ring. She will not take any other types. On top of that, you have to behave like a good father, by being strict with Alvin at least once.
  • The gift of a ring will provide a second opportunity for sex, third if you count the checking for internal injuries mentioned earlier.
  • Triss is rarely home in Chapter III and stays at Leuvaarden's party at The New Narakort from 17:30 till 3:00.
  • In the Czech translation of the books and the game, Dandelion's name is "Marigold" and Triss is called "Triss Ranuncul".

Videos from the first game

End of Prologue (1st sex with Triss) The Source: Triss' Lover (2nd and 3rd sex)

Netflix Series

According to IMDB, the actress Anna Shaffer,span> will play Triss in the upcoming series adaptation. Shaffer is probably best known for playing Romilda Vane in "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" and "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 and Part 2", but she also played in many TV-Series or TV-Mini-Series.

In The Witcher: Adventure Game

Triss Merigold is next to Geralt, Dandelion and Yarpen Zigrin one of four playable Characters in the board and mobile game "The Witcher: Adventure Game".

In The Witcher Battle Arena game

Since March 31, 2015, Triss Merigold is a new playable character in the MOBA "The Witcher Battle Arena".