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Tukaj Hills
Tukaj Foothills by Jana Komárková.jpg
The Hills as depicted in the Czech edition of "Season of Storms"
Region, hills
Area between Temeria and Brugge, reaching Brokilon and Kerack

Season of Storms

The Tukaj Hills (Polish: Pogórze Tukajskie), typically referred to by locals as simply "The Hills", is "a chain of upland covered in ancient woodland separating Temeria from Brugge [which stretches] in a wide belt about a hundred miles long and twenty to thirty miles wide". The western part is intensively worked by foresters and loggers. There are about four dozen settlements ranging from quite tiny to large in the area. According to some, the area was named after a legendary hero named Tukaj, others believe it was named after something else entirely.




  1. Polish: Jaworek, which is the diminutive form of word "Jawor", and means Sycamore.
  2. Polish: Warzelnia, meaning Brewhouse.
  3. Polish: Dębowiec, which means "an oaken part of wood" (Dębowiec, Cieszyn County)
  4. Polish: Rogowizna, which is used in the meat industry and includes the horns and trotters of cattle, sheep, and goats, as well as bovine and horse hooves. Roughly the English equivalent of offal.
  5. Polish: Nowa Smolarnia