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Toussaint was once home to Tyen'sail, a legendary and now deceased elven master armorer. Witchers from all corners of the world came to him to forge their plate, their mail.
~ Game text, "Blood and Wine"

In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt[]

Tyen'sail is mentioned in Isabelle Duchamp's journal, where he is said to be a local elf, hired as a guide to find ancient elven ruins in Toussaint. In Adona of Carreras' journal, his armor-making skills are mentioned. Lazare Lafargue is said to have trained at his side.

In The Witcher computer game[]

The elven songmaster Tyen'sail took an interest in Raven's armour and worked for twelve days straight, each movement of his chisel accompanied by a song of power. It is said that the armour sang a song of victory for its wearer providing him with confidence and calm during battle. It is his notes that Geralt must find as one of the components required to re-make the famous armour in the Armor quest.