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Since the release of the Enhanced Edition of the game, all the various language packs are available for download in their entirety.

For pre-Enhanced Edition versions of the game[]

This "mini-mod" helps unlock the uncut version of English dialogues in the game:

  1. Download: 1eyedking's fix
  2. Extract into your Witcher's Data folder. Make sure everything is in its default state.
  3. In your Witcher game Data folder you will find three files of particular interest:
    1. English (original).reg — Double-click and select 'Yes' to load the original, uncut subtitles into the game. Journal entries are in English!
    2. FinalEnglish (optimized).reg — Double-click and select 'Yes' to load the original, optimized subtitles into the game. This one's dialogues and entries are slightly different to the ones above — test both and choose the one more to your liking.
    3. FinalEnglish_Short (default).reg — Double-click and select 'Yes' to load the default, cut dialogues (just in case you want to go back... but do not know why you would Razz).

You can switch between each of the three whenever you like.

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