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AEon's FAQ for The Witcher[]

After quite a bit of editing, with the help of Game widow, I finally finished the FAQ — generously using already existing wiki content. The FAQ is primarily to be used as an introduction to The Witcher and an overview page that explains differences to other RPG games, plus highlights all sorts of things you might find useful as well.
Note that the FAQ is linked on the wiki's front page (icon) and in the global menu. — AEon 15:42, July 22, 2010 (UTC)
See The Witcher FAQ page for the latest version.

About my Editing on the Wiki[]

In coordination with Game widow, who pretty much created the wiki, I have edited the more cosmetic inconstancies, adding a few comments / ideas of my own. In case you are wondering what these changes are, here a list:
  • Generally use BrE (British English) for all pages. Exceptions are direct quotes from the US version of the game /editor (the only English version available, AFAICT). Obviously any quest names and any other names can not and should not be changed!
  • Improve readability were the now fixed width layout collides with the previous variable width wiki, i.e. table formatting or indentation of content.
  • Remove all the colloquial abbreviations of words, e.g. "I'm" -> "I am", "she'd" -> "she would", and many more (see my script below).
  • Many sentences in the wiki do not end on a period ("."), so I add them.
  • Placed category tags before language tags in the page source, for neatness.
  • When a certain style as defined for a set of pages exists, apply this style to those pages that differ, adding layout consistency.
  • Fix any typos (not many, mind you).
  • I use a Greasemonkey script that automates quite a few new preferences:
  • " - " is replaced with an em-dash "—".
  • Replace any weird accents "`", "´", etc. with a single quote '.
  • Properly sort Chapter category tags, like [[Category:The Witcher Chapter V]] in the source.
  • Replace redundant multiple spaces and tabs with a single space.
  • Directly replace some words from AmE to BrE spelling, e.g. " color " -> " colour ".
  • Avoid using all-caps words like "NOT" and replace them with a bold "not".
  • Replace the word " orens" with the gold coin icon {{oren}}.
  • Instead of the previously used term "Act", use the term "Chapter" as the game does.
  • ... Probably quite a few other small things that improve readability and consistency.
I would like to ask anyone who wants to contribute to check what was done first before changing anything concerning layout design. Thanks. — AEon 22:34, July 11, 2010 (UTC)