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Alright, well if I'm going to make edits, I suppose I should have a page. :)

My Background & Impressions[]

I started playing The Witcher a while ago, and I find it incredibly addictive. It's the kind of game setting and interface I like (not constantly dark and dreary, lots to explore and discover, and I don't have to aim or even be all that fast at clicking,) and I'm pleasantly surprised at how well the story is told. I don't recall ever being so interested in the characters in a video game before. So Three Cheers to Andrzej Sapkowski and development team!

After playing the game once, I had to get a copy of The Last Wish. I enjoyed that, too. I was ecstatic to learn there are at least five more books and heartbroken to learn none are yet available in English. :( (I'm trying to convince some Spanish-speaking friends to read their copies out loud while translating for me ... it's not looking good so far.)

I've got my fingers and toes crossed for more intrigue in the Enhanced edition, and I'm hopeful there will be a Witcher 2 to follow.

As for background, the last game I played much was Guild Wars, where I also learned to love game wikis. Some friends from GW turned me on to The Witcher.

Adjusting to this game took me some time. There's no level cap, at least none I notice though I'll try to build a level 50 Geralt someday. Once you spend talents they're set - no readjusting to suit the next task. There are all these decisions with subtle or obvious consequences reaching far beyond the current quest. There's unlimited storage space but no way to sell my treasures to other players and not much to spend my fortunes on. There's a very limited active weapon inventory and a rather large everything-else active inventory. There's an end! (While you can, after A LONG TIME, manage to run out of things to do in Guild Wars, it never really ends.) And no resurrection shrines!! "What?!?! You mean death is permanent?!?!" ;) None of these things are negatives to the game, IMO, simply differences that took some getting used to.

Oh, and the savegame editor! It's so handy for testing theories without doing a lot of legwork over and over. Guild Wars stores all such data server-side, and there's certainly no save/reload available. No pause in Guild Wars either. I must've gotten Geralt killed 20 times before I realized I could pause during a fight to get a better camera angle.

My Witcher Wiki Things-to-do List[]

I've learned to come here whenever I have a question about the game. I can't make any promises that this list won't change nor that I'll get around to doing all this, but for the time being ...

That's all for now. Thanks for reading and Cheers! Luny