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Icon Name >< Ingredients Effect Duration Toxicity
Cat 3 Aether Vermilion Hydragenum Allows seeing in total darkness and through walls. Decreases damage dealt. 5 min 25
Healing brew
Healing brew 4Rebis Vitriol Aether Caelum Accelerates vitality regeneration 10 min 25
Gadwall 5Rebis Vermilion Caelum Sol Aether Increases vitality regeneration at the expense of vigor and damage dealt. 10 min 40
Tawny owl
Tawny owl 4 Vitriol Vermilion Quebrith Fulgur Increases vigor regeneration. 10 min 25
Wolf 3Rebis Aether Hydragenum Increases chance of causing critical effects, for Igni incineration and for Aard knockdown. 10 min 25
Rook 3Vitriol Vermilion Hydragenum Increases sword damage. 10 min 25

FAQ Suggestions[]

  • Under Characters Easily Missed section the Noblewomen are mutually exclusive. If you acquire one of theirs card, the other woman will not engage in a dialogue with you.
  • Under Speculations and Musings section the item in question called a Dimeritium Necklace.
  • I was just skimming your FAQ and I thought I should point these out. Note: If this post somehow looks out of design please delete it after you use it. Thanks. — E-ahmet 11:14, June 13, 2010 (UTC)E-ahmet
  • Thanks... updated the FAQ... I was aware of the 2nd info, but forgot to add it to the FAQ. Feel free to mention anything else you notice. Especially if you found something else noteworthy or difficult to discover. — AEon 12:58, June 13, 2010 (UTC)
  • There's a small typo: under Combat Tips, I think it was.You said igni instead of quen. It's not major, I just thought of pointing it out :) — Pigrum 11:46, July 3, 2010 (UTC)
  • Thanks, the link was actually correct I simply forgot to update the link name. Fixed. Glad someone is actually looking through the FAQ. — AEon 12:34, July 3, 2010 (UTC)

You're welcome and kudos for the guide, even after finishing the game 3 times there were still some minor things I didn't notice (like the 2 missing quests). Also there are 3 more tips I'd like to suggest:

  • How to see in the dark: Quen does actually make a good light source if Geralt is missing a potion or a torch, even though it deactivates sometimes if you loot a chest or corpse.
  • Combat tips: If using signs extensively (a signmaster build), a good way to use a powered up Yrden (not the normal trap version) is by having quen activated beforehand.The shield doesn't go down until after the enemies take damage, giving ample time to cast it.
  • Runes or Silver swords: Although most custom silver swords are indeed sub-par, there's one instance worth mentioning: You can get 3 runes ( 2 earth 1 sun), from Memory of a Blade, the fistfight with Andrew Gablodda and one purchased from Thaler. They'll be available for forging ( for only 1000 orens, if I remember right) at the start of Chapter III and can last you until the end of chapter IV, when you get Aerondight. — Pigrum 14:23, July 3, 2010 (UTC)
Nifty tips, just finished playing the neutral path from the end of Chapter IV onward, and noted the usefulness of Yrden (traps), admittedly I cheated myself some talents. Will add that as a tip as well. Adding your tips with credit of course. — AEon 17:51, July 3, 2010 (UTC)

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