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Venomous arachasae
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Armored arachas
Vulnerable to
Golden oriole
Insectoid oils
spits venom and webbing
Arachas eyes
Chitinous shell
Arachas venom
Monster heart
Monster saliva

The Illustrated Atlas of Insectoids provides this bestiary entry.

Bestiary entry[]

Barley nicked me, I'll be fine.
— Last words of an unknown hunter
Though all arachasae are highly venomous, this breed produces an especially strong toxin. A few drops are enough to kill a grown man — unless that man is a witcher, whose mutations will neutralize small amounts of this venom. Large quantities, however, will kill anything they tough, with mutations only prolonging an inevitable and painful death in such instances.
Venomous arachasae produce colossal amounts of this toxin and deploy it during combat in many ways. Before striking a venomous arachas will cover its pincers and teeth with a thick coating of the deadly liquid. It will then squirt the venom at its opponent to weaken it, and once locked in direct combat, will continue spraying the noxious ooze all around itself, meaning every breath brings its victim closer to death. Like other members of this species, venomous arachasae use prehensile feelers to grab and immobilize their prey. When attempting to fight such a creature a witcher should drink Golden Oriole, which will reduce his body's vulnerability to poison, and then attack from a safe distance with crossbow or bombs before dealing the finishing blows with a silver sword enhanced with a coating of insectoid oil.