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Kingdom of Verden
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Head of State
King Kistrin
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Verden is one of the minor realms in the Northern Kingdoms, located at the very mouth of the river Yaruga, with Kerack and Brokilon on its northern borders, and Cintra in the south, just on the other side of the river.

Verden was ruled by King Ervyll at the beginning of the Witcher saga. He was later succeeded by his son Kistrin.

National emblems[]


Verden coat of arms speculative CoA after Nilfgaardian conquest

The first coat of arms for Verden was described in the novels and was designed based on that description. The second CoA, after the Nilfgaardian conquest, is not described in the novels. Both coats of arms were designed by our resident heraldry and Witcher expert Mboro.

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  • the non-canonical short story Something Ends, Something Begins mentions former king Herwig who abdicated twelve years ago in favour of his nephew Brennan, called the Good. It contradicts the canon books, where the country is ruled by kings Ervyll and Kistrin.