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[[Talk:Versus classes|]] In The Witcher: Versus browser game, there are four playable character classes: the Witcher, the Sorceress, the Frightener, and the Wyvern.

When you choose your profession, you will receive your first weapon and you will be ready for battle. Your experience and theirs will grow along with number of levels from training battles and from opponents you throw down to their knees. You can earn new abilities gradually; you will become the ultimate Versus warrior.

However, select from the many opponents carefully – so, that you must choose them from among those who will answer your battle style and character's form. In the course of time you will begin to become rich, particularly after victorious battles. It involves the evolving acquisition of more expensive gear with orens (gold), about essential stockpile for repair of damaged gear and it is able to count on rapid treatment.


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The Witcher class is the master warrior of the sword. They may combat with either inhuman speed, dazzling an opponent with overwhelmingly fast blows (Cat style) hailing furiously, or dealing wickedly precise, incredibly strong blows (Wolf style). Combat abilities become more intricate and complex with the use of magic Signs, which are able to protect Witchers or foil opponents. Magic elixirs escalate combat skill to enhance their abilities or treat wounds.


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Sorceresses pore over arcane tomes to glean magic from four schools: black (Earth Magic), white (Magic Light), alive (Magic - Life) and space (Special Dimensional Magic). Earth Magic can allow you to destroy opponents, but white magic can be used to heal. Also, life magic can also serve to weaken the enemy, as well as curing or killing. Sorceresses reach for dimensional magic in order to get aid from ethereal power and essences. Capabilities can be enhanced by magic potions, or elixirs, as well.


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There are monsters trained for battle, specially-cultivated Frighteners. You can train their abilities both physical and magical. Frighteners are famous for rampant aggression, their bottomless appetite, jaws and powerful claws which few can stand against and survive. A Frightener's roaring screams are able to fell enemies and interrupt spell incantations, its body has the amazing ability to become as hard as steel, wounds immediately heal and they have natural protection against magic.


Main article: Wyvern (Versus)

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Changing classes[]

At any point in your career, you may wish to decide to change your class or simply redistribute your skill points. To do this, access the skills menu and use the "Change class" button in the lower right corner. Changing your class comes at a steep cost and your items will automatically be sold at 95% of their initial buying value. The table below has additional oren costs for each level at which you can decide to change:

Level of cost of change of class in Orens (gold)

Level Orens
1 1
2 8
3 27
4 64
5 125
6 216
7 343
8 512
9 729
10 1000
Level Orens
11 1331
12 1728
13 2197
14 2744
15 3375
16 4096
17 4913
18 5832
19 6859
20 8000
Level Orens
21 9261
22 10648
23 12167
24 13824
25 15625
26 17576
27 19683
28 21952
29 24389
30 27000