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This is an overview of all of the items in The Witcher: Versus, broken down by class and then type.

Weapons and magical items such as amulets, rings, spellbooks and specialty gear. Chose from among available items based on the number fury and element points you have available – or use the points to improve battle skills. Additionally, some objects have enhance the efficiency of attacks by owner, or they can improve defenses, decrease damage sustained or increase health.

Each player can have only two objects of each type at any one time. Witchers can use swords and amulets, sorceresss use books and rings, frighteners use claws and jaws.

Objects are active by default, there is no need to activate items during battle, or before it.

The more powerful an object is, the more expensive it is. It is important to remember when making a decision about a purchase, that the cost may outweigh the benefit. One would not want to go bankrupt. There are also the costs of repairs after battles.


The Store screen is where you can buy new gear for your character.

There are two item slots at the bottom right of the screen where you can keep frequently used / special items. Items available for sale appear in the largest window on the left in the Store panel. Items require not only orens to be purchased, but also certain minimum levels must have been attained.

Objects which cannot be purchased at the moment are shown on a grey background. Only the first item in the list is available for free, all other objects cost orens. All objects confer fury and element points, and occasionally, certain special bonuses. Each object is unique, so select your equipment carefully, in order enhance your chosen style of battle and best suit your abilities.

For a detailed description of any object, just click on it and the description will appear in a window on the bottom left side of the screen. Price is indicated in red at the end of the description, as is required level. Icons for furies and elements are above the description.

When buying new gear, double click on the desired item. Note: you cannot own two of the same kind of item at the same time, so buying a new item will automatically sell your existing item for 95% of the original purchase price.

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