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The Vertzes
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Ida and Marcus Vertz
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Marcus and Ida Vertz are a named NPC couple who appear in the game, but have no obvious purpose or relation to the plot. They first appear in Chapter II where they live opposite the hospital, just a bit east of Angus' house near the corner leading to Market Street, but then, in Chapter III, they mysteriously move to a house in the slums.

Their movements are never explained. They are never mentioned by any other characters in the game, so they make for some interesting speculation, but have no bearing on the plot of the game.


  • It could be seen as a device to add some continuity to the game. To show what happens to this couple from one Chapter to the next.
  • Also, it shows how poverty will force citizens to move to cheaper quarters.
  • In Chapter II, Ida and Marcus Vertz lived in Angus' house. Possibly they had to move due to the shady dealings of Angus.
  • In cn_yaevin02.dlg (which was not translated into English, German or Chinese) you can find quest-dialogue between Yaevinn and Geralt, suggesting that that Yaevinn wants Geralt to kill them in exchange for the tower tarot card. This is what the elf has to say about Marcus:
In Vizima, between the hospital and the nonhuman district, there lives a disgusting informer who oppressed my brethren.