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According to the 3rd issue of Biały Wilk (The White Wolf) magazine, Viduka was the first (although self-styled) king of Kaedwen and progenitor of Kaedweni monarchs.

Viduka proclaimed his lands as an independent kingdom and gave it the name which elves had used to call it for ages: Caedwen (which means "White Forest" in the Elder Speech). In order to protect his realm, the monarch formed an alliance with Aedireen, queen in Vengerberg, granting her in exchange the land of Lormark in the perpetual usufruct. The Kaedweni-Aedirnian alliance resulted in the astonishing victory over Redanian army, giving the region of Hagge to Aedirn and territories of Caingorn, Malleore, Barefield and Ban Gleán to Kaedwen. The new border of Kaedwen and Redania proved to be exceptionally durable and became the basis for an equally unchanging peace between both realms. In Hagge, Viduka with great reluctance agreed to keep the promise to his southern ally and hand him the control over the Pontar valley. That cession became the beginning of the long-standing conflict between the two eastern kingdoms.


  • his name might be a reference to Vidugavia, a character from J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-Earth, who was self-styled first king of Rhovanion - a wild, forested realm resembling Kaedwen in many ways.
  • he appears only in the 3rd issue of Biały Wilk (The White Wolf) magazine, whose narrative is totally inconsistent in large part with information contained in dynastic descriptions written by Andrzej Sapkowski.