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Vlodimir von Everec
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Human (later ghost)
Northern Realms
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Wild Ones
von Everec Estate crypt
Kristina (Mother)
Bohumil (Father)
House of Everec
Olgierd von Everec (brother)


Vlodimir von Everec is the deceased brother of Olgierd and a former member of the Wild Ones. While still alive, he was a bon-vivant, and this has not changed particularly in death.

Associated quests[]

Journal entry[]

Geralt was tasked with finding Vlodimir von Everec and showing him the time of his life. This would have been one of the witcher's least remarkable missions – had not Vlodimir been dead for years at this point. The mysterious Master Mirror did not think this much of an obstacle, however. He handed Geralt a vial of von Everec blood and told him of an incantation which would summon Vlodimir from the grave. Geralt thus journeyed to the von Everec family crypt and sought out the younger von Everec's place of burial.
Geralt's meeting with Vlodimir began with a fight against other deceased members of the von Everec clan. Only after they were defeated did Vlod reveal himself, explaining he'd refused to fight alongside his dead kin as he'd never been particularly fond of them. Overall Olgierd's brother cut a strange figure, even for a ghost. He showed hints of noble refinement, but often his mannerisms better resembled those of a lifelong brawler or hooligan – no doubt because he had spent much of his living years raiding and marauding with a band of rough characters.
One thing is certain: Vlodimir liked to have a good time and had found death sorely lacking in quality entertainment. His demands for his night of fun were simple. He mainly wanted to get well and thoroughly plastered and... well, let us say the dead man's inability to enter into relations with the fairer sex had tormented him terribly. All in all, after hearing Geralt relate Vlodimir's complaints about the afterlife, I feared death all the more...
Vlodimir jumped into Geralt’s body and together they accompanied Shani to her friend's wedding. There Vlod found more than enough entertainment to scratch his itch. He dove for slippers in a pond, played gwent, drank enough for three horses, chased pigs and even managed to steal a kiss from Shani.
When midnight struck, the capping ceremony began and Vlodimir von Everec’s time among the living came to an end. Yet the witcher’s skin had felt so good on him, he had no intention of shedding it. Only the appearance of Master Mirror finally forced Vlodimir back whence he came. In Geralt’s account, Master Mirror caused Vlod’s ghost a great deal of pain while banishing him. I do not know exactly how one can cause a disembodied spirit pain, but clearly Master Mirror knew a way. He was strange, that one. Even thinking about him now gives me goosebumps.


  • In the Polish edition of the game, his first name is Witold instead of Vlodimir. The reason of this difference is unknown.
  • One modder managed to remove the "ghost effect" from the character; the "alive" version of Vlodimir is visible here.