Vridank "the Elf" was the king of Redania and father of Falka. His mother was Viviana of Lyria and his father was, presumably Radovid III. He married the beautiful Cerro and their courtship was the stuff of legends. During the short story "A Question of Price", Queen Calanthe sounds the witcher Geralt out about his convictions about his profession:

...what sort of task do you expect, as a witcher? What? Digging a well? Repairing a hole in the roof? Weaving a tapestry of all the positions King Vridank and the beautiful Cerro tried on their wedding night?
— pg(s). 124, "A Question of Price", in the collection The Last Wish (UK edition)

In The Witcher computer game

Zoltan mentions Vridank (and his bride) over the course of a rather philosophical conversation with Geralt:

Nicely put, but as young Cerro said to King Vridank on their first date: "Does it have any practical uses?"Zoltan Chivay

The Chronicles of Redania entry

Vridank the Elf
Despite what one might conclude from his moniker, not one drop of elven blood flowed in King Vridank's veins. They called him the Elf because of his exceptional beauty, and for the great admiration he felt for the Aen Seidhe. This fascination, seemingly harmless, would have horrible long-term consequences. King Vridank, spitting in the face of all laws and customs, chose as his wife a half-elf – and one of low status at that – known as Beatrix of Kovir. The fruit of this regrettable and short-lived mésalliation was Falka, who later fomented bloody revolt against her own father. Though this uprising was ultimately extinguished and Falka herself burned at the stake, the young state was thereafter thrown into chaos for years to come.

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