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Baron of Crow's Perch and lord of Velen
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Light brown
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Crow's Perch (formerly)
Fyke Isle

Vserad was a former lord of Velen who fled with his daughter and court from Crow's Perch during the Nilfgaardian invasion, taking shelter in a tower on Fyke Isle.

Journal entry[]

News of the Nilfgaardian army's approach led nobles of all ranks and orders to pack up their silver and flee posthaste to safer harbors, abandoning all thoughts of defending their patrimony and leaving their lands at the invaders' mercy. Lord Vserad was no exception to this rule. The magnate had ruled much of Velen from his base at Crow's Perch before fleeing with his family to take shelter in a tower on Fyke Isle.
The safety he sought there was not, however, to be found, and the massacre in which he was slaughtered became the source of a great many ghastly rumors and legends.
According to one of them, Vserad, unmoved by human suffering, had his mage poison starving peasants who had come to him to beg for food. A hideous tale, yet one that sadly seemed plausible given the desperate conditions in the land.
Yet the truth turned out, as is its wont, to be much simpler. Vserad was murdered by his traitorous former subjects, who were driven by greed, jealousy and the base jackassery that is all too widespread among the human race.

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  • Vserad's story is based on the Polish legend of Popiel.