Mariusz Jakus as Vyr in The Hexer
"Two identical figures stood up - identical motionless faces and fair, dishevelled, shoulder-length hair, identical tight-fitting black outfits glistening with silver ornaments."
— pg(s). 92, The Last Wish (UK edition)

Vyr, together with his twin-brother Nimir, is a member of Renfri's band.

In the Mniejsze zło comic

Vyr i nimir.JPG
Vyr and Nimir in the graphic novels
Vyr and his brother also appear in the graphic novel "Mniejsze zło" (The Lesser Evil).

In the Polish Movie and TV series

Played by Mariusz Jakus in The Hexer. In the series, the twins were both bald, instead of having the hair described in the short story "The Lesser Evil".


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