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Water hags
Tw3 journal waterhag.png
Bilge hag
Swamp bint
Swamps, bogs, underwater caves
Vulnerable to
Northern wind
Necrophage oils
Throws mud to temporarily obstruct vision, and dives down through shallow water and reappear behind the enemy that also has a footing on shallow water.
Water hag mutagen
Water hag tooth
Water essence
Venom extract

Water hags are monsters introduced in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. As their name suggests, they are found in swampy areas, near boat landings and tend to guard treasures. They are often accompanied by drowners.

Associated quests[]

Bestiary entry[]

Folk say water hags are drowner's wives. If that be true, 'tain't no wonder why they're such ornery bitches.
— Shemhel of Dregsdon
Some tales mention water hags and swamp bints masquerading as lost old women to lure travelers back to the rickety shacks they build in the wetlands. In truth, only a blind man, or a sighted man blinded with drink, could mistake the rank sludge and rotting carrion of a water hag's den for a cozy cottage, and the hideous hag herself for an innocent grandmother. Their wrinkled, wart-covered bodies stand nearly two yards tall, with skin the color of a long-dead cadaver and stinking of much and fish. Bony growths two spans long stick out from their backs, with hair like a tangle of seaweed and claws that would make a werewolf proud completing the picture.


  • Unlike the Grave hag, the Water hag does not use its tongue to attack.

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