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North from the White Orchard village across the river
White Orchard
Fast-travel point

Fast-travel point

The White Orchard mill is a location in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It is situated north of the region, on the other side of the Ismena river from the main village. Northwest nearby is the region's cemetery; to the fields in the east are several wild horses; and the farming fields with different types of crops to the south. The mill itself seems unused since its stairway entrance is blocked, and the house beside it is abandoned; although, local peasants probably use it only on harvest season. Conversely, there are multiple crates, sacks of grains, and bags laying around below it.

This is where Geralt kills the griffin that has been terrorizing the region. The hidden treasures of the associated quests can be found here. If Geralt comes back to White Orchard from Velen and revisits the place, he would coincidentally find five deserters looking for the treasure they hid and then attack him.

Map description[]

Carts haul grain from all the surrounding villages to White Orchard's mill.

Associated quests[]

Map location[]

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Killing Griffin Deserter Gold