White Orchard village

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Icon disambig.svg This article is about the village. For the region in general, see White Orchard.
White Orchard village
White Orchard village
The village in the summer
White Orchard village
The village during the winter
West side of Woesong Bridge
White Orchard
Fast-travel point Notice board Elsa Bram Willis Grindstone

VillageWoesong Bridge

The village of White Orchard is the largest in the region of the same name. There is a fast travel marker nearby at Woesong Bridge.

Map description[edit | edit source]

This well-to-do village is famous for its fruit orchards, whose boughs burst out in white blossoms come spring.

Notable inhabitants[edit | edit source]

Associated quests[edit | edit source]

Notice board Notice board[edit | edit source]