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In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt[]

White Gull
Tw3 white gull.png
Mild witcher's hallucinogen.
Alchemy and crafting / Consumables
Magic item
Alchemy ingredient
Alchemy / Meditation
Base price
100 crown(s)
Price to buy
100 crown(s)
Price to sell
21 – 38 crown(s)
0 weight
Manuscript page: White Gull
1x Mandrake cordial
1x Empty bottle
1x Arenaria
1x Redanian herbal
1x Cherry cordial
Console ID
White Gull 1

White Gull is required to brew the following potions:

In The Witcher computer game[]

White Gull
Potion White Gull.png
Alchemical base used to make other potions. Mild witchers' hallucinogen
any base
if brewed with dominant secondary ingredient, can be used to gain the extra effect
medium see Toxicity
Long see Duration

White Gull is a potion that can serve as a hallucinogenic beverage or as a substitute for high and top quality alcohol when mixing a potion. It can accommodate up to five ingredients when mixing (same as top quality alcohol).

Witchers used to drink White Gull for its mild hallucinogenic effect that provided pleasure during the long nights while waiting out the winter. The witchers make this potion using secret saprophytes grown in the dungeons of Kaer Morhen, but it can also be made from commonly available ingredients.

Toxicity and duration[]

  • The duration of the effect is only long lasting if the potion is consumed as a hallucinogenic beverage.
  • The toxicity of White Gull is medium but only when consumed as a hallucinogenic beverage. When used as a base, the toxicity is irrelevant, only the resulting toxicity of the brewed potion counts.



  • Even though you can mix White Gull with identical secondary substances (like Rubedo), it will not carry the effect over to the potion you have mixed. So you best mix it with those ingredients that lack any secondary substance, unless you plan to simply drink it, then you can benefit from a dominant secondary substance.
  • Try to have a small stack of White Gull in your inventory while you play. Sometimes you will find yourself in need of a potion that needs high or top quality alcohol. Especially in the later parts of the game, a small stack can be both a time and life saver since you may not always find the needed ingredients and alcohol.
  • A stack of White Gull tends to take up less inventory space than the often three or four different alcohols you might otherwise be carrying. It may be useful to convert any available potion bases to white gull immediately to save space, even those that would normally serve as top quality bases themselves.
  • There are two potions of White Gull in the armory on the second floor of Kaer Morhen in the Prologue.
  • White Gull is sometimes used by locals as a palliative potion, to ease the suffering of the sick and dying. An old woman beggar in the Outskirts makes such a request of Geralt. If he obliges, she rewards him with the Eternal Fire signet ring.
  • In Blood of Elves, it is called "White Seagull", and is explicitly said to be non-hallucinogenic. It's Black Seagull that is the hallucinogen.