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Cyprian Wiley
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Crime boss
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Cyprian Wiley, the younger, commonly known by his alias Whoreson Junior, is one of Novigrad's most dangerous criminals in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Wiley is sadistic, ruthless and lacks any scruples. Thanks to his father, Alonso Wiley, he has inherited casinos, an arena and brothels.

Like his father, he is ambitious and broke the unwritten armistice of Novigrad's criminal groups and tries to murder the other three leading underworld bosses: Sigi Reuven (the alias of Sigismund Dijkstra), The King of Beggars - Francis Bedlam and the dwarf Carlo Varese, aka Cleaver.

Associated quests[]

Journal entry[]

Cyprian Wiley the younger was one of the most dangerous criminals in Novigrad. He had inherited his father's casinos, fighting ring and brothels – and also his sadistic tendencies, ruthlessness and lack of scruples.
These traits had made the moniker "Whoreson" something of a family heirloom for his powerful criminal clan.
Cyprian also took after his father in terms of ambition. He broke the unwritten armistice in place between Novigrad's various criminal groups and tried to murder the other three leading mafia bosses.
Whoreson's audacity had a very specific cause: King Radovid, who had commissioned the gangster's actions.
As it turned out, Radovid's plan was for Whoreson to start a gang war in Novigrad. In the resulting chaos, Radovid would take control of the city with ease.
While searching Cyprian's home den of iniquity, Geralt discovered the nickname "Whoreson" was in fact an understatement - something much stronger was needed to describe a man who delighted in murdering captive women.
If Geralt kills him:
In addition to blackmail, extortion, murder and torture, the list of Whoreson's crimes also included trying to harm Ciri. Geralt took this very personally and made the bandit pay for this last sin with his life.
If Geralt spares him:
Though few would have mourned his passing, Geralt decided not to kill Whoreson. As soon as Radovid withdrew his protection and his old enemies were free to exact revenge, Whoreson's career was doomed to an inglorious end.
Whoreson's fate truly did seem worse than death. Abandoned by his protector as well as his subordinates, he had lost all his coin as well as any respect he once commanded, having fallen to the lowest depths of the Novigrad underworld.


If Geralt kills Wiley, Wiley will later be impersonated by Dudu, when Geralt and Ciri pay "Whoreson" a visit.