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"Wine Wars: Belgaard"
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Secondary quest
Blood and Wine
Suggested level
37 & 39
Just west of the Plegmund's Bridge fast travel marker.
Announcement from the Office of Internal Revenue of the Duchy of Toussaint on a notice board at the The Cockatrice Inn, or
Finding out that both vineyards are being sabotaged by a third party.
140 Tw3 icon xp.png / 900 Tw3 icon crowns.svg
Wine Wars: Coronata
Wine Wars: Vermentino
Wine Wars: The Deus in the Machina

Wine Wars: Belgaard is a secondary quest in the Blood and Wine expansion. Visiting the auction will launch the quests: Wine Wars: Coronata and Wine Wars: Vermentino.

This quest is in two parts: the first part (level 37) relates to the visit to the auction, the second part (level 39) relates to fixing up the monster issues at the Belgaard estate.

The Office of Internal Revenue hereby announces a limited live auction to be held regarding the sale of a piece of developed real estate and accompanying agricultural land located in the Caroberta Woods region, having been left to the Ducal Treasury by the late Count Crespi, who departed this world without any heirs. Due to the unique nature of the Belgaard Estate and its important role in the production of wine bringing great fame to the duchy in all corners of the world, only subjects of the Duchy of Toussaint shall be allowed to participate in the auction.
To all knights errant and other such men of arms – be it known far and wide that the services of voluntary keepers of the peace shall be needed. Minor problems are expected to arise during the transfer of the above-mentioned real estate, and said problems, for their dissolution, could require the application of direct physical force. All volunteers are asked to report to the field office of the Procurator General of Toussaint near Plegmund’s Bridge, that is to say, to the place where the auction shall be held.

Journal entry

Level 37 quest:

Perusing a notice board in Toussaint, Geralt found the appeal of a ducal clerk. The clerk was seeking all manner of vagabonds, knights errant and mercenaries. The posting did not seem to be an offer of witcher's work, even so Geralt decided to learn more about this mystery job.
The clerk needed assistance. He was to find a new owner and steward for the Belgaard Vineyard, which at the time remained the property of the duchy. The owners of two other vineyards were competing for control of Belgaard. They were Matilda Vermentino and Liam de Coronata.

Level 39 quest:

Belgaard had been the jewel in Toussaint's crown of vineyards. Yet since the death of its owner, Count Crespi, it had fallen on hard times. The ducal clerk had been tasked with finding a new steward, but only one who stood to restore Belgaard's reputation and fame.
The inspection yielded one conclusion - Liam de Coronata's and Matilda Vermentino's newly formed consortium faced quite the challenge. And the witcher once again had much to do…
Thanks to the witcher, the Belgaard Vineyard could shine once more. Relations between Liam and Matilda were also improving, the two young co-owners now clearly fond of one another. After paying the witcher a generous reward, they asked him to look in on them in a while, promising a surprise…
This tale had begun with wine and vineyards, and it was with wine in a vineyard that it came to an end. The wine in question had been made with Geralt in mind. It was final proof of Matilda Vermentino's and Liam de Coronata's gratitude. For the witcher had not only helped them grow their enterprise, he had also caused them to realize they had feelings for one another, feelings that now sprouted and bloomed. Quite the matchmaker Geralt proved to be. Who could've known?


Level 37 quest:

  • Go to the place where the auction will be held.

Level 39 quest:

  • Solve all of Belgaard vineyard's problems. (5)
  • Go see Liam and Mathilda. (140 Tw3 icon xp.png, 900 Tw3 icon crowns.svg)
  • Wait 3 days, then go see Liam and Mathilda.
  • Go see Liam and Mathilda.
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