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Secondary quest
"Wine Wars: Vermentino"
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Secondary quest
Blood and Wine
Suggested level
Vermentino Vineyard
Region west of Plegmund's Bridge.
Matilda de Vermentino
100 XP earned based on the Story and Swords! difficulty level / 525 crown(s)
Wine Wars: Coronata
Wine Wars: Belgaard
Wine Wars: The Deus in the Machina

Wine Wars: Coronata is a secondary quest in the Blood and Wine expansion. Matilda de Vermentino is trying to expand her wine business, but to put in an offer for the lucrative Belgaard Estate, she has to sort out the problems in her own vineyard first. Geralt offers to help.

Journal entry[]

In the duchy of wine there is nothing more important than this noblest of beverages. And when two important winemaking families began to quarrel over which would assume control of one of the duchy's oldest vineyards, all knew sparks would fly… Fully aware of the circumstances, Geralt nonetheless decided to help Matilda Vermentino deal with the troubles at her vineyard, even if this meant making Liam de Coronata his foe.
It was not easy, but the witcher managed to resolve the troubles plaguing the Vermentino Vineyard. Pleased with a job well done, he headed back to Matilda to collect his pay.
While tending to the problems at Vermentino, Geralt had found proof that a third party was behind the troubles there. He realized this knowledge could be valuable to Matilda and Liam, and decided to share it with them both.
Yet again his intuition did not fail him. Coronata's and Vermentino's owners realized they could gain by joining forces and possibly lose much by continuing to quarrel. They resolved from that day forward to cooperate – more, to form a consortium.