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Current Issues[]

Hey Admins. The Next Gen Update changed a lot of the skills, all the pages and the main page about skills, are on the old information. I tried fixing it myself and startet with the Acquired Tolerance subpage, then tried to change it on the main abilities page, but im not very familiar with editing wikis, so i didnt manage to change the tables. Just wanted to inform you that it needs to get updatet soon. Merry Christmas 24. December 2022

I didn't get a chance to play the update yet, but any help with editing the wiki would be appreciated. May be you can collect the info somewhere (like Google Docs or wherever) and I can add it to the pages where needed over time. — Gilrond (talk) 00:13, 25 December 2022 (UTC)

Hey, im currently changing the skill pages with the help of Mechemik. I now know how and what to change. - Ente004

Font and background layout[]

Hi all,

I just come here wish to get and provide more information about Witcher 3. Yet the font is too small and the transparency background really made it hard to read and write. Especially for long time read. I feel my eyes are very uncomfortable.

May you consider to change the layout to make the whole site look more comfortable?

I have tried to use the browser to make the font bigger. Yet it will come out with chaos layout. And can't solve the transparency background issue.


You can change the background transparency with your personal css, as well as making the font larger. I can put something there for you right now and you can fiddle with it as required. — Game widow ( talk ) 11:18, 17 August 2018 (UTC)
Thank you Game widow. You made the modification for me. N○ wander I feel much better while edited the page a little while ago.
However this only work on the center page. The left and upper list are still small :(
So I guess the browser font ++ are the only way I can use. Even though that will break the layout...
Besides, I'm curious. No one else feedback this problem? Since the transparent background and small font were rarely used on knowledge base website. I guess there may be a lot of reader feel uncomfortable with the design? And this may push them to go to other place to gather & contribute information.
Paioshau (talk) 16:09, 17 August 2018 (UTC)paioshau

Failed to create discussion page[]

Could not create discussion page[]

I was trying create a discussion page on the Witcher Script page. Alas, the system refused to create it. Exact error message was:

  • Error: This action has been automatically identified as harmful, and therefore disallowed. If you believe your action was constructive, please inform an administrator of what you were trying to do. A brief description of the abuse rule which your action matched is: Prevent creation of unwanted new pages

I believe the content was constructive, even though it had to contain some external links. It pertained to my previous edit of the main Witcher Script page.

Gqxidzjqmj (talk) 07:21, 16 July 2019 (UTC)

Chances are that you tried to copy in a large amount of text, or text constaining an external url. You must first make a few smaller edits (or edits without links) to establish "trust". Then you should have no problem creating that talk page. One approach is to create it incrementally. — Game widow ( talk ) 11:20, 16 July 2019 (UTC)
That worked. Thanks. — Gqxidzjqmj (talk) 11:31, 16 July 2019 (UTC)

Probably CSS issue with sorting arrows[]

I have noticed that the arrows for sorting in tables are underneath the cell heading text, so it looks a little cluttered. See for instance XP. First I thought it had something to do with GPL-generated tables, but this page is "hardcoded" and it's still there. The table appears correct when I untick padding: 0.2em for .skin-hydradark .wikitable th. That makes the table wider of course, it has to for the sorting arrows to show, but unless the tables are very wide, I don't think width should be a problem (perhaps on mobile?). — Pangaearocks (talk) 13:51, 23 January 2020 (UTC)

Thank you for pointing that one out! I'll definitely check other Wikis and their tables! Thank you! — Encredechine (talk) 07:43, 24 January 2020 (UTC)
Another issue, and this has bugged me for a very long time. It is also on other wikis, such as the help wiki. The problem is the Diff view on mobiles. Often I check wikis while in bed before going to sleep, including various "recentchanges". Naturally with the phone on the side for a bit more horizontal space (much easier to read). The problem with the diff view is that there is a giant "fixed-in-place" footer that only contains the username and amount of edits. With the phone on the side, even with the address bar hidden, this footer takes up half the screen. It would be lovely if this could be sorted. From what I can gather it has something to do with position-fixed in the mobile skin. You can sort of get an impression of it from checking the mobile view on desktop as well, though naturally the footer is much smaller then. — Pangaearocks (talk) 02:36, 5 March 2020 (UTC)

Manual of Style[]

It's kind of both scary and impressive to look over the history of articles all over the place, because then you realise that basically everything on the wiki has been created by Game widow. Therefore a manual of style probably hasn't exactly been needed. However, do you have some notes or something that we could put into such a page? I looked yesterday and couldn't find a Manual of Style, and then looked over the pages for some of the popular wikis, like WoW and ARK. I basically wonder how one should go about things if we were to expand more on a host of articles. Such as writing more about quests, items, abilities and so forth. What structure to use, if there are set terms to use for this, that and the other. Often there is brief intro (roughly speaking, this is an item in TW3), the journal entry (usually a big section for quests), and then related items/quests and suchlike - plus the infobox.

Admittedly I tend to bite over more than I can chew when it comes to wikis, and then my soul is eaten up in the process :-| But it would be pretty cool to have more info about "stuff", perhaps especially quests and abilities, even monsters, and have more of a guides section somewhere. The impression is that many people have become interested in the game again, it has probably gotten new sales as well, so it might be good timing. And as touched upon elsewhere, I'd absolutely hate to see this wiki put to death by forwarding the address to your new overlords or something like that. We can read between the lines. — Pangaearocks (talk) 22:44, 30 January 2020 (UTC)

More monster data[]

Have not been able to extract the XML files myself (and holy mercy how frustrated that whole process left me on Linux), but by sheer coincidence I came upon probably the most recent version via the Ghost Mode discussion thread. That finally allowed me to have a glance at all that magic, to see what more data can possibly be entered into the wiki. From what I can gather there is info about monster resistances, vitality/essence (health), and increases per level - plus a ton of other stuff. Naturally, it's not straight-forward to enter this into the wiki, not least because stats vary somewhat depending on if the monster is alone, in a group, or a boss/deadly.

But I wanted to raise the topic here and hopefully get some feedback or ideas for how this can possibly be done. Looked around the ARK wiki the other day, and came upon for instance this page. Those people are a lot more skilled, and the wiki uses advanced Lua modules/scripts and the Cargo extension. Would be cool to have, but... *groan*. I've been down that road several times. It's long and brutal. Getting that cool slider bar thing for monster data would probably be difficult, but could we try to expand some on the data we have on our wiki? How could we best go about it? Thoughts?

Some of this could apply to items and probably other topics too, but perhaps monster would be the most sensible starting point. — Pangaearocks (talk) 10:29, 1 February 2020 (UTC)

General disclaimer[]

With the update/import some months ago, the Witcher_Wiki:General_disclaimer got a bit borked, as this wiki apparently don't have the templates used in the new text. Can somebody please fix that? — Pangaearocks (talk) 12:29, 25 February 2020 (UTC)

I'll fix that then — Game widow ( talk ) 13:22, 25 February 2020 (UTC)
Thank you, now it looks good again :) Since there are texts that hint at the pages, perhaps you could also turn Recentchanges and Newpages into links? It's in the "No reviews" section. — Pangaearocks (talk) 14:54, 25 February 2020 (UTC)

How does item levels/stats work?[]

Do anybody know how the levels and effects/damage/armour rating of items/weapons/armour precisely works? I've been looking over XML files today, and there simply isn't level info for the items. There is something in the container definitions, but that is about when it's possible for the player to get the item, not the item's level. The only items that I think are set for certain levels are the Witcher gear, at least up to "superior" tier. But that seems to be based on the quest level, as I don't find anything in the XMLs for those either.

Effects are easier. They are set in the XML, but can often vary between a min and max value. I don't know if this is frequently incorrect on the wiki, but I did notice it was incorrect for the "Angivare" sword.

Damage and armour values are tied into the level, though I'm not sure about the formula. Except that a sword's damage varies by 10% in both directions. If it's set to 300 in the XML, it will show up as 270-330 in the game, provided it happens to be of the same level as the developers had in mind for that particular item. A price is often set, which sounds like good news. But the price is then affected by effects on the item, quality (magic, relic etc), and probably its level and durability status.

We have many moving parts here. Do anybody reading know exactly how this works? Is it "hidden" in the scripts somewhere? — Pangaearocks (talk) 01:22, 5 March 2020 (UTC)

Upload file licenses[]

Tried to create MediaWiki:Licenses because the dropdown list in Special:Upload for licenses is empty. Looks like this page should sort it out. I'm not able to create it, however, and was met with a screen that said it was deleted back in 2009. Could somebody with admin rights please do it? Presumably the chosen license will then automatically be inserted to the uploaded image, which would be quite handy. — Pangaearocks (talk) 04:29, 31 March 2020 (UTC)

I've added them. Looks like the bot got a little trigger happy. — Tagaziel (talk) 13:13, 31 March 2020 (UTC)
Thanks. Aye, it got to stretch its legs again. Though I manually checked everything and had to revert many a change in AWB. This whole project is more tricky than expected as regex simply isn't precise enough. Or sometimes too touchy. It's a fickle beast. — Pangaearocks (talk) 13:23, 31 March 2020 (UTC)

Request for Code Mirror extension[]

Could the CodeMirror extension please be enabled? I'm struggling when looking at big complex templates like {{Infoboxitem3}}, and sometimes copy it over to a random page on the Help wiki to better see what is going on. Set it to disabled by default if there are performance concerns, perhaps? — Pangaearocks (talk) 09:29, 2 April 2020 (UTC)

Better gallery browsing?[]

Currently, when clicking on any image in the gallery, it leads to the image page. Modern wikimedia engine has a feature (Wikipedia is using it), when clicking on some image opens an overlay UI, instead of opening a new page. Pressing Esc closes it. Is it possible to add the same feature to the wiki here? — Gilrond (talk) 06:25, 17 April 2020 (UTC)