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Stylized world map of The Witcher 3 from the official site

The world maps provided in The Witcher game series and on this site are based on a high quality, but imperfect fan-created map. This hand drawn map (mapa świata, in Polish) was used by CD Projekt RED to create this map provided, but errors were transcribed onto the final image. In particular, there are known errors in the north and with some battle sites.

Known map errors[]

  • Aedd Gynvael is depicted as being in Kaedwen, when in fact it is in Narok.
  • Both the Toina river and valley are similarly misplaced on the map and also belong in Narok.
  • The Chotla river is also incorrectly located. It flows through Upper Sodden and Brugge, but is located in Temeria on this map.
  • The site of the Battle of Brenna is incorrectly located. On the map, it is shown as being north of Maribor, when it should be to the southwest.
  • The duchy Vespaden in Kaedwen wasn't included.
  • Maecht and Metinna are separated by the river Sylte. → To the north, Maecht shares a natural border with the kingdom of Metinna, the Sylte. Although on the smaller map of the first Witcher game, Metinna and Maecht seem separated by Ebbing and Gheso. According to the description, Metinna lies to the north and Maecht to the east of Ebbing. In Gheso, the river Velda forms a natural southern border with Maecht. [1]
  • Although not much of Gemmera is described, it should be more placed near the coast.
  • The stylized map from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt misplaces Midcopse. The label is actually shown over the location of Lindenvale.

Geographic borders[]

A discussion of the exact geographic borders and other locations can be found on this page.

Other maps[]

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