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Yennefer of Vengerberg
The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt-Yennefer of Vengerberg
Yennefer in The Witcher 3
Northern Realms
Flag Aedirn
Council of Mages, Lodge of Sorceresses
Special abilities
Vengerberg, Rinde, several other places in the saga
Physical Description
Eye color
Hair color
Mother (name unknown)
Father (name unknown)
Geralt of Rivia (lover and the true love of her life)
Istredd (lover)
Crach an Craite (lover)
Ciri (adopted daughter)

Yennefer of Vengerberg (born on Belleteyn of the year 1173) — a sorceress who lived in the capital city of Aedirn - Vengerberg. She was the youngest member of the Brotherhood of Sorcerers and later the Lodge of Sorceresses attempted to recruit her. She was the love of the witcher Geralt of Rivia and a mother figure to Ciri, a former royal advisor to king Demavend of Aedirn and a close friend of Triss Merigold. The lady of Vengerberg was famous for her beauty, even though during the events of The Tower of the Swallow she was 94 years old. Yennefer had lots of curly, raven black hair fragrant with lilac and gooseberry perfume, falling in a cascade of curls on the shapely shoulders. Her face was very pale, triangular in shape showing slightly receded chin. Her eyes were cold and sparkling with remarkable violet of a penetrating gaze, in anger blazing with livid, blue-gray fire. Those very eyes also concealed wisdom and imperiousness. Yennefer's nose was slightly too long, mouth was pale with thin and slightly crooked, soft, sweet with lipstick, proud lips. On a long and slender neck hanged a black marigold with a star made of obsidian sparkling with a multitude of tiny diamonds embedded in it.

Yen had pronounced cheekbones, naturally slightly too irregular eyebrows but regulated by hand and emphasized with a charcoal, long eyelashes and petite hands. Even in high-heeled shoes she wasn't tall, was beautiful but threatening, having incredibly thin and slender waist and slender legs. Yennefer's skin was as delicate as this of a sixteen year old girl, breasts were rounded and delicate, with nipples so pale that they were apparent only by their prominence.

She always dressed in black and white, at times wore stockings, wore frilled panties but never wore trivialities with underwire, she didn't need to. Her voice was resonant and mildly derisive. Her overall feminine shape was one of a twenty year old girl and she moved with a natural, unforced grace. She was a quadroon (meaning she had ¼ of elven blood, in her case on her mother's side).[2]

During the Battle of Sodden Hill she was blinded by Fringilla Vigo, a Nilfgaardian sorceress. Her sight was later magically restored but she still bore the emotional scars.

As most sorceresses, she was sterile. She secretly sought a way of restoring her fertility. She gave her motherly love to Ciri — the child destined for Geralt by the Law of Surprise — teaching her about magic while in Ellander, at the Temple under the watchful eye of Nenneke.

Yennefer first appeared in the short story "The Last Wish" (in The Last Wish short story collection). She later appeared in several more "canon" short stories, including "The Bounds of Reason", "A Shard of Ice" and "Something More", one "non-canon" short story: "Coś się kończy, coś się zaczyna", and of course, all the novels in the Witcher saga.

It is implied in the story "The Last Wish" that her attractive looks were a product of magic and had been acquired during her training, as with most other sorceresses. Geralt notes how her shoulders are slightly lopsided and by the end of the story realizes that Yennefer used to be a hunchback. Nevertheless, his love for her does not diminish.

In the short stories

The Voice of Reason

While Nenneke tends the flora, the priestess and Geralt discuss Yennefer. The witcher wishes to give part of the reward he received for the striga to the temple, and asks Nenneke if she would forward the rest, a few gems to Yennefer, to help her finance her search for "a cure". Nenneke refuses to work as an intermediary, and they argue about Yennefer and her situation. During this conversation, Nenneke asks Geralt about how he and Yennefer met. This is the introduction to the short story "The Last Wish".

The Last Wish

While trying to catch fish for breakfast, Dandelion and Geralt instead haul up an ancient, sealed amphora. Dandelion, in a fit of glee, and ignoring Geralt's explicit warnings, opens the vase and a large cloud of red mist escapes—a genie (or djinn, more accurately)! Geralt dives for cover, but Dandelion feels he knows exactly what is happening and hold his ground, beginning to recite his list of three wishes. The genie doesn't fulfill even the first one of the bard's wishes (that his rival die of apoplexy), opting instead to strangle the bard.

Geralt rushes to his friend's rescue, and after seemingly a fruitless fight, decides to use some folk knowledge he had always considered to be nonsense. The witcher seizes the ampora seal which has fallen to the ground and shouts out an exorcism. The genie releases the bard and disappears across the river, but Dandelion is far from well. It seems his throat and larynx have been seriously affected and he needs help desperately.

After a day's ride, they arrive at the gates of Rinde, but are told that no one may pass through the gates between dusk and dawn without a letter of safe conduct from the king or proof of nobility. The guard offers them the gatehouse until morning, pointing out that Dandelion will fare better there than out of doors. Having no other option, the witcher agrees.

Waiting for the dawn to break, Geralt makes the acquaintance of two elves Chireadan and his cousin, Errdil and a half-elf knight, Vratimir. They inform him that there heavy duties and penalties for spellcasting within the city, and the mages are boycotting Rinde in return. There is one though, who continues to work her magic within the city limits and generally flouts the law: the sorceress Yennefer of Vengerberg, residing in the sanctuary provided by the Novigradian merchant-ambassabor, Beau Berrant.

When dawn breaks, Geralt enters the city to find the sorceress. Arriving at Beau Berrant's home, he is greeted by Cerberus, the doorman of sorts. After a fruitless discussion, Geralt decides that perhaps gold might open the door and knocks the oaf unconscious with his money purse. Once inside he drags Cerberus into an open room where one of the female staff is happily snoring away. The witcher then proceeds to the basement where he meets a very inebriated Berrant. The ambassador, it seems, is on a mission to get apple juice for his guest and asks Geralt for help. Geralt fetches the juice only to find Beau unconscious.

Noticing a staircase nearby, the witcher climbs up to what turns out to be Yennefer's bedchamber. The sorceress is far from awake. Despite their rather explosive start, Yennefer is willing to help Geralt and Dandelion, right after a bath. While Yennefer takes a bath, Geralt is amazed by her beauty, but also realizes that it is probably a spell, as most girls who become sorceresses are ugly or malformed by nature. He puts these thoughts aside, and decides to just enjoy her beauty, as they talk over Dandelion's condition. Once dressed, Yennefer opens a portal and the two set out for the tavern where Dandelion is laid up.

Back at Errdil's inn, Chireadan and Geralt sit downstairs waiting to hear about the bard's condition and chatting a little about Yennefer over a cup of herb tea. Chireadan tells Geralt in no uncertain terms that Yennefer, while beautiful, is not to be trusted.

After a while, Yennefer summons Geralt upstairs; Dandelion is happily, safely asleep, and there remains only the question of price to be discussed. Geralt first wants to take Dandelion to safety, and offers a price to guarantee his return. Yennefer wants her price right away though, and reveals that she has in fact trapped Geralt in the room. The witcher is completely paralyzed. After a rather fruitless argument, Geralt passes out. When he regains conciousness, he find that he is sharing the cell with some 'honest thieves', an innocent old man and Chireadan.

The elf tells Geralt the reason for their presence there: under the influence of Yennefer's spell, Geralt went rampaging through the town, punishing anyone who had ever insulted Yennefer. The local apothecary Laurelnose was actually publicly spanked by the witcher for his "crimes". As the two men reflect on their situation, their musings are rudely interrupted by the entrance of three guards. One of them starts taunting Geralt while his friends hold the witcher still, then proceeds to repeatedly punch the witcher in the stomach. Seeking to get out with the least injuries possible, Geralt tries to goad the man into rendering him unconsicous. He expresses the wish that the man simply burst, and to everyone's surprise, the guard does so.

Later, the witcher and the elf are brought before the town's mayor, Neville and the priest Krepp. The mayor is not happy with the situation, but before he can reach a verdict, Dandelion suddenly drops into the room from a magical portal which suddenly appears on the wall. The bard shouts with a fully restored voice that he wishes everyone present to believe that the witcher is innocent. He was instructed to do this by Yennefer, who sent him through this portal, and wanted to clear Geralt's slate.

Dandelion has hardly had time to explain himself, when a roaring commotion is heard outside, loud enough to be heard over the current thunderstorm. Rushing to the window, the group sees that Yennefer has lured the genie to the town, and is trying to capture it to gain its amazing powers. The genie is much stronger then expected though, and despite Yennefer's spells binding it to Errdil's inn, the genie is trashing the town.

Geralt ushers everyone else to safety, and asks Krepp to stabilize the trace of the portal Dandelion just fell through. After a few protests, the priest obliges and the portal reappears. Geralt jumps through, intent on saving the sorceress. Yennefer doesn't want to be saved though, she isn't finished trapping her genie and resists Geralt's help, even opening a portal to get rid of him. While he falls into the portal however, the Witcher grabs Yennefer, and the sorceress is dragged into the portal with him. When they exit the portal, Yennefer immediately shakes off Geralt and goes back through the portal, but Geralt follows her.

Outside, the people gathered are watching in terror as the genie continues to rampage through the city. After a scuffle between Yennefer and Geralt, with waning powers, the sorceress traps Geralt. The witcher tries to talk some sense into her head, but she won't listen to him.

Then, Geralt realises something. It was not Dandelion, but it was him that did the first wish, and thus the genie is still awaiting Geralt's third wish. Because the genie still has to fullfill his master's wish, he is not yet freed, and is thus not able to be captured by Yennefer. While rethinking his possible last wish, he also realizes what Yennefer looked like before she became a sorceress; she was a hunchback. Then, he decided upon his last wish.

The next moment, the genie tears free, the inn collapses and silence descends. Under the rubble, Yennefer finds herself in Geralt's arms, close and intimate. Just moments later, Yennefer and Geralt make love in the remains of what was the beginning of a stormy relationship.

The Bounds of Reason

Hearing that Yennefer is with the king's Niedamir hunting party for the golden dragon, Geralt along with his new acquaintances (Borch Three Jackdaws and Zerrikankian warriors: Téa and Véa) decides to join the hunt. He learns that the various camps have rather different plans for the dragon. Boholt and Yarpen Zigrin formed an alliance with Yennefer, Eyck of Denesle, a knight, wanted to kill a dragon in a fair fight, Dorregaray, a mage, wanted to save the dragon and Dandelion wanted to witness the events firsthand and write an epic ballad. Geralt meets with Yennefer but the sorceress is not interested in talking to him. She cannot forgive him for simply disappearing for two years. She states that she is here solely to collect dragon tissue with which she hopes to create an elixir to treat her infertility. She desperately wants to be a mother but can't.

Yennefer decides to convince Geralt to kill the dragon, saying that everything between them would be resolved and that they would go back to their previous relationship. The witcher, however, remembers very clearly her earlier comments which had specifically excluded this possibility. He declares that killing the dragon would go beyond "the limits of possibility" provided for in his code of honor.

Boholt, Yarpen and Yennefer are all still intent on killing a dragon, but Dorregaray decides to personally put an end to the dragon hunt. Yennefer, however, has other plans and is a bit faster than Dorregaray expects. The mage is soon overwhelmed by the Reavers and the dwarves. Geralt and Dandelion then join the frey, trying to help him but just as the witcher is gaining the upper hand in the fight, Yennefer paralyses him and he falls numbly to the ground, helpless. The sorceress then orders that the three men be tied to the nearby wagons to keep them out of the way.

Yennefer then unexpectedly turns on the Reavers and the dwarves, telling them that they had better high-tail it out of there as well and threatens to geld them all with a spell if they don't comply. The sorceress is not quite as attentive as she should be and Yarpen manages to knock her momentarily senseless with a metal ball to the forehead. While Yennefer is disoriented, the Reavers pounce on her and bind her hands (including, especially her fingers!) with rope and then gag her to make sure she can't use magic against them.

Boholt then takes the opportunity to rip open her blouse and fondle her breasts as she tries in vain to protest. She then ends up also lashed to a wagon wheel, next to the witcher and in full view of the bard. Dandelion, true to his nature seems more concerned at that point with staring at the sorceress' breasts which have been conveniently left exposed.

Finally it becomes clear just what the dragon had been so fervently protecting. Not some hoard of treasure as expected, but a baby dragon. The tiny newly-hatched dragon immediately makes its way over to Yennefer, nuzzling up to her, much to the envy of Dandelion. It now becomes clear that the dragon Sheepbagger had poisoned back in the village must have been the mother.

Suddenly, the rumbling of wagons alerts everyone to the fact that the local militia, lead by Sheepbagger has finally arrived and what seems like the entire village sets upon the dragon. The beast is simply outnumbered by the villagers who eventually manage to wrap him up in nets. At this point, Yennefer is finally able to speak and demands that the witcher burn the ropes around her ankles using his Igni sign. Geralt initially refuses saying that he can't see what he is doing and will burn her as well. She insists, saying that she'll endure the pain, and that this is their only hope, so he relents.

Once free Yennefer uses her foot to cast a spell at the villagers. Her first effort only manages to change one wagon to a buttery shade of yellow which goes entirely unnoticed by the charging horde. Her next spells are more effective and she manages to turn an entire garrison into toads, square the wheels on another wagon and then, just for spite, change random other villagers into various and sundry beasts.

Meanwhile, the Zerrikanians reappear and start making quick work of the remaining locals, freeing the dragon who promptly takes off after Sheepbagger. The cobbler meets a rather grisly end which is witnessed by all present, but their attention soon turns back to their own predicament as Véa now prepares to kill Yennefer. Luckily for the sorceress, Villentretenmerth intervenes and declares that they will not be killing Lady Yennefer, in fact, they are grateful for her help and orders Véa to untie the prisoners.

The golden dragon then returns to human form, that of the knight called Borch Three Jackdaws. It seems that Borch is actually a dragon who simply takes human form because he can and because, not surprisingly, he attracts too much attention otherwise.

Borch thanks Geralt and Yennefer for their help and tells them that anyone can see that the witcher and the sorceress were meant for each other, but sadly, nothing will come of their union. Additionally, and to Yennefer's obvious personal disappointment - he cannot cure her infertility. Even the magic of golden dragons has its limits.

The Shard of Ice

The story opens with Geralt in a fetid sewer in Aedd Gynvael, fighting a zeugl. After dispatching the beast, the witcher heads back to the inn where he and Yennefer have been staying. She greets him with "You stink!" and demands that he bathe immediately, in cold water. Once the witcher is sufficiently cleaned up, the sorceress magically dumps the water from the bath out the window, outraging a passerby. The two get to talking about the fact that Istredd has moved to town and that Yennefer has been not only working with him, but also sleeping with him. Geralt is quite obviously jealous of this.

On the next day, Geralt heads over to Istredd's home. The mage explains to the witcher that he loves Yennefer and wants to marry her. Geralt tries to convince him that this is unwise because he and Yennefer are meant for each other. The mage accuses him of being delusional, calling the witcher merely a toy for the sorceress. Geralt is incensed and suggests that it is Istredd who is being used. It's clear that the two cannot settle things by talking it through so they decide that they should settle things with a manly and honourable duel.

Back at the inn, Yennefer and Geralt argue some more about their relationship and about Yennefer and Istredd's relationship, but they resolve nothing.

Geralt leaves the inn and decides to spend the night in the stables rather than go back to the Yennefer. During the night, he receives a message from the sorceress, delivered by a bird.

The next morning, Geralt sets off for his appointment with Istredd. He soon learns that Istredd also received a message from Yennefer, by bird-messenger and that his message was the same. The mage readies his sword, his chosen weapon as using magic against a mere witcher would be dishonourable. Geralt, however, refuses to fight, bids the mage good-bye and leaves.

Something More

Geralt dreams of Yennefer and their last meeting during the Belleteyn holiday. Yennefer tells Geralt that Destiny is not enough for them to be together. Something More is needed. The sorceress also tells him in this dream to ride back to Cintra to eventually claim his child of surprise.

In the saga

Blood of Elves

During Ciri's "education", the sorceress Triss Merigold comes to Kaer Morhen. She is called by Geralt to help with occasional strange and abnormal behavior he has seen in Ciri. Triss realises that Ciri is a Source. She acknowledges that she does not have the power to control Ciri's talent, and advises Geralt to swallow his pride and seek help with Yennefer, a more experienced sorceress.

At the same time, a mysterious wizard called Rience is looking for the girl. He is a servant of a more powerful mage, who remains unknown. He captures Geralt's friend, Dandelion the bard, and tortures him for information about Ciri. Dandelion is saved by the timely arrival of Yennefer, who engages in a short magic combat with Rience. Rience manages to escape through a portal opened by his master, but left with a prominent facial scar from Yennefer's spell.

Ciri's stay in Ellander is still haunted by disturbing dreams until the arrival of Yennefer, who starts educating her in the ways of magic. From an initial antagonism, their relationship develops into a strong and deep bond, like that of a mother and daughter.

Yennefer became Ciri's mentor and teacher. As they are about to leave the Temple School in Ellander, Yennefer asks Ciri whether she didn't like her at first, leading to a series of flashbacks detailing Ciri's studies with Yennfer from the day they were introduced and back to the present as they are about to leave the Temple.

Time of Contempt

The story begins with Ciri and Yennefer having just left the Temple in Ellander, on their way to Gors Velen, and ultimately Thanedd Island. It is Yennefer's intention that Ciri be enrolled at Aretuza and that she continue her instruction in the use and mastery of magic.

Once they arrive in Gors Velen, Yennefer goes to see her old friend Molnar Giancardi, a dwarven banker. The latter informs the sorceress that her financial movements are being tracked, something Yennefer already suspected, but he arranges an essentially unlimited line of credit for her and makes several financial transfers to cover expenses for Ciri's education. He and Yennefer also agree to allow Ciri to see the sights, escorted by one of Molnar's faithful employees, Fabio Sachs.

While on their excursion, things get quickly out of hand and Ciri is mistaken for one of about a dozen students who have recently "escaped" from Aretuza in the kerfuffle leading up to the mages' conference being held there. She is apprehended by no less than the former and current headmistresses of the academy, Tissaia de Vries and Margarita Laux-Antille after she uses a magical amulet given to her by Yennefer in case of emergency.

At first, the sorceresses do not believe Ciri's story, but ultimately, the girl and Fabio manage to convince the headmistresses to check out their story at the bank and things are quickly confirmed by Yennefer and Giancardi. The three sorceresses then decide to discuss events over at the Silver Heron, taking Ciri with them and leaving poor Fabio to deal with his employer.

At the inn, Tissaia and Rita have rented the entire cellar which is actually a bath house and the four "ladies" retire there to relax and chat. It seems that both Rita and Tissaia, but especially Rita have every intention of getting good and drunk and Ciri is dispatched to refill their caraff of wine not very long after it arrives.

While getting the refreshments, Ciri notices a mercenary (Rayla) who orders the innkeeper to open a back door for her — a door which leads directly to the outer walls of the city, bypassing the usual gates and guards. On her second trip to refill the caraff, Ciri uses her new found knowledge and runs away to see Geralt whom she has been told is at Hirundum, not far from Gors Velen. Yennefer, luckily is not far behind. Ciri's flight does, however, provide Geralt and Yennefer with an opportunity to meet up again and to patch things in their relationship before the three set off for Thanedd Island together.

On the island, things are in a tizzy. The girls have been temporarily moved from their usual accommodation within Aretuza to Loxia, the lowest level of the complex as the school itself is being used to accommodate the visiting sorcerers and sorceresses. That evening, Yennefer takes Geralt as her date to the reception, leaving Ciri in her room and ensuring that there is no second flight with magic.

After the reception, Yennefer and Geralt retire to their room and re-connect on a more intimate level. After a very fruitful reunion and a bit of sleep, the witcher is awakened by an urge to urinate, but in deference to his hosts, decides against relieving himself in the flower pots outside the window and decides to find the courtyard. This is when he stumbles upon the coup, already taking place.

It is revealed that Vilgefortz and several other mages are in league with Nilfgaard and their plan has been sussed by Philippa Eilhart and Dijkstra who have brought in the Redanian secret service to put a stop to the plan.

In the ensuing confusion we find out that Yennefer had brought Ciri before the Council and that the girl had begun to prophesize. This had brought events to a head, causing Tissaia de Vries to take down the magic-inhibiting barrier around Garstang and allowing Vilgefortz break free of his dimeritium shackles, leading to an all out battle between the various factions. Yennefer grabs Ciri and the two make a run for it, but in the end, Yennefer must send Ciri on alone and try to keep their pursuers at bay. As they part, the sorceress reveals her love for the girl.

Baptism of Fire

Yennefer appears again in Dol Blathanna. The readers find out, during the Thanedd coup, Yennefer was magically transmuted by Francesca Findabair into a little statue and saved this way. Yennefer then also meets Ida Emean aep Sivney and after some recovery from the magical compression, Yennefer joins a meeting of the Lodge of Sorceresses on Montecalvo. The sorceresses discuss Ciri's ancestry and "their" breeding programme - a fact which makes Yennefer suddenly feel very uneasy. Yennefer also meets Fringilla Vigo, the Nilfgaardian sorceress, who had blinded Yennefer during the Battle of Sodden Hill. She, of all the people, helps Yennefer escape the magically protected castle.

The Tower of the Swallow

In The Tower of the Swallow, we find Yennefer scouring the North for Ciri and eventually ending up at Kaer Trolde in the Skellige Isles where she enlists the help of Crach an Craite and Modron Sigrdrifa, the head priestess of Freyja. Crach initially wants to extradite her as a traitor to Novigrad, but he relents when Yennefer reminds him about the oath he gave the late Queen Calanthe after Pavetta's death. Yennefer spends a significant amount of time in the Skellige Isles where she is aided by Sigrdrifa, the head priestess of Freyja and Crach an Craite as she builds a megascope in order to locate Vilgefortz. Yennefer finally can find odd traces of teleportation that took place at Thanedd Isle and can locate it near the Sedna Abyss. The sorceress then sails with some courageous Skellige men and finally is teleported to castle Stygga, where Vilgefortz waits for her. He traps her and forces her to locate Ciri.

Lady of the Lake

Yennefer is freed by Geralt when he and his Hanse invade Stygga castle. All of Geralt's Hanse companions die during the battle. Geralt and Yennefer end up in a show-down with Vilgefortz, and Geralt can kill the sorcerer with the help of Fringilla Vigo's amulet. Ciri finally can overcome her nightmare Bonhart and kill the gruesome man. Yennefer, Geralt and Ciri then walk through the castle, but suddenly Nilfgaardian soldiers arrive, together with the emperor Emhyr var Emreis himself. He wants to take his daughter with him and marry her, because of an old prophecy. The emperor also thanks Geralt and Yennefer for saving his child, but he can't have any confidants concerning these events, so he orders the two lovers an honourable way - to commit suicide in a hot tub with a razor. Both, at the end of their strength, agree. But when the time has come to bring in the razor, only Ciri appears, preparing them for the unimaginable - the emperor just left, leaving her with her new parents. They then leave and finish some uncomplete deeds, like taking revenge, but also to thank people, who helped Ciri. Nothing goes unwatched, so also the call of Montecalvo finally reaches Yennefer and Ciri and Yennefer follows the call. Ciri then arrives sometime later and the lodge decides her fate - it is planned to introduce her to Tankred Thyssen, so she can become his favourite since, after the events, marriage isn't an option anymore. She still should bear his child to strengthen the power in the North. The Lodge finally agrees to Ciri's plea to see Geralt one last time in Rivia. Yennefer and Triss accompany the girl, but they just arrive when the Rivian Pogrom is underway. Yennefer helps Triss to fight the mad mob and finally makes it to Geralt, but the Witcher is already dying. Yennefer mobilizes all her magical powers but to no avail. She breaks down next to the Witcher. She and Geralt are heaved on a boat and Ciri brings them to Malus Island.

In other books

Season of Storms

Yennefer appears in Season of Storms (Chapter 15, Interludium) in the Borsodis' Auction House together with Molnar Giancardi. Molnar bought the Witcher's swords at the auction for 4000 Crowns. Later, Yennefer and Molnar have a short conversation in Novigrad about how Yennefer managed it to buy back the two swords.

In The World of the Witcher

Yennefer assists Dandelion in writing "The Magic and Religions of the Continent", the third chapter of the compendium. Within the chapter, a fragment of records document her formative years as a student at Aretuza.

Adepts name: Yennefer
Former name: Jenny
After initial testing confirmed her magical talent, the adept was admitted to Aretuza's first class. The girl comes from a pathological family – her father abused her psychically and physically. and her mother failed to support her. This rejection and abuse were likely precipitated by the deformation of the girl's spinal column and scapula (she was a hunchback), or possibly by her mixed human-elven bloodline (she is quarter elvish, her mother a half blood).
It was undoubtedly the lingering effects of these traumatic childhood experiences that drove her to attempt suicide soon after admission to our academy. The girl tried to cut open her forearm veins and ended up inflicting serious tendon damage (healer documentation attached for reference).
Despite the above, the adept was personally recommended and very highly graded by the Chancellor of our Academy, Archmistress Tissaia de Vries. Her deformities and tendon trauma were corrected with use of higher magic during her first year, and her further eduction has fully vindicated the Chancellor's high opinion.
Adept Yennefer is highly talented and determined student. Her results on subsequent exams have remained excellent.

In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Yennefer first features in the opening cinematic of The Witcher 3, escaping from a battle between Nilfgaardian and Temerian forces. Having recovered most of her memory, she has agreed to the serve the Emperor's interests in the hunt for Ciri. Geralt and her reunite at the prologue's conclusion.

Her face is based on look of Klaudia Wróbel, Polish model.[3]


Journal entry

Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.
The witcher first met the raven-haired sorceress a good twenty years back. Their friendship and the feelings between them were born of a common adventure involving a gene and a wish granted to Geralt that intertwined their fates inextricably.
In the time since then their relationship had, however, been quite stormy – rich in ups and downs, crises and break-ups. Geralt and Yennefer's love provides irrefutable proof of the thesis that "opposites attract."
A few years ago Geralt and Yennefer had, after a long separation full of adventures from them both, gotten back together again. Their moment of repose was interrupted by the Wild Hunt, which took Yennefer captive. The witcher set out at once to save her, but lost his memory while doing so. When he finally recovered it, he immediately set off once more on his quest to find his beloved sorceress.
The circumstances of Geralt's initial reunion with Yennefer after two years were quite different than he had imagined. The sorceress was not only safe and sound, but had even secured the aid of an unexpected and mighty ally - the Nilfgaardian Empire.
A thick air of repressed hostility reigned during Geralt's time with Yennefer in Skellige. More than once the sorceress sharply expressed her displeasure, sparing no cutting remark – just like during the best years of their relationship. In the end, however, the witcher's patience was rewarded, and their expedition to retrieve the mask of Uroboros brought the former lovers back together.
The gulf that had arisen between them during their time of separation seemed that much narrower.
In order to obtain the information they needed Yennefer did not hesitate to resort to necromancy, and destroyed the goddess Freya's garden while doing so. If the proud sorceress felt any guilt as a result, as usual she showed no sign of it.
The idea of hunting another genie together did not at first arouse Geralt's enthusiasm, but Yennefer had a truly valid reason for wanting it. If she succeeded in forcing the genie to take back the wish binding her to the witcher, she would finally know if the feelings between then were truly love or merely magic.
The genie granted Yennefer's request and broke the thread of destiny binding her to Geralt. Luckily it turned out their love could continue – without the need for supernatural assisstance.
Though the sorceress' difficult character had made life miserable for everyone at Kaer Morhen, in the end it was her stubborn determination that led to Uma's disenchantment and the lifting of Avallac'h's curse.
Yennefer had always felt some ends justified otherwise unsavory means. When it became clear rescuing Ciri would require the help of Philippa Eilhart and the other sorceresses of the reviled Lodge, she forgot about any bad blood and convinced Emhyr to grant them amnesty.
One need not be particular [sic] skilled in reading human character to have guessed that toying with Yennefer's feelings would bring retribution. Likewise even Geralt should have known that his attempts to keep a foot in both camps with her and Triss would end badly for him. Considering the raven-haired sorceress' explosive temperament, the humiliating punishment he met was unusually lenient.
Significant plot details end here.

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In The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

  • Yennefer appears in flashbacks in The Witcher 2.
  • In the Prologue, in the Foltest's army camp Geralt meets Kennet and Desbrut from the Crinfrid Reavers. They mention their last encounter during the hunt for the golden dragon, and Kennet says that while they had all gotten "a little riled", those are "bygones" and that Boholt (their leader) was just fooling about raping the sorceress. If Geralt asks about the rape, they shortly recount the story, saying that they tied him and the sorceress and went after the dragon, however Geralt and the sorceress managed to free themselves. When Geralt asks who the sorceress was, Kennet says she was raven-haired and Desbrut calls her "Connifer or some such".
  • At the end of the game it is revealed that Yennefer is alive, but has amnesia like Geralt, and can be found somewhere in Nilfgaard.

Videos from the second game

In The Witcher computer game

While Yennefer never appears, nor is directly mentioned, the game's developers did include numerous references to her:

  • In the Inn in the Outskirts of Vizima, Geralt can talk to a bard, who tells him about Dandelion, and about the ballads of the White Wolf Dandelion's sung. Among them the tale of how "Geralt married a sorceress and they live somewhere on the happy isles".
  • At the very beginning of Chapter III, Triss tells Geralt that "the last time (she) felt this way, (Geralt) and a sorceress were playing with a genie".
  • In Chapter IV, the innkeeper of the Country Inn at Murky Waters can tell a tale about Ciri. Near the end of it, he says that the sorceress the witcher loved tried to revive him, but died in the process.
    • Probably the only time Yennefer is mentioned by name in the main game is hidden in the game files (file cn_innkeeper01.dlg) where we can read regarding the innkeeper's story: "Innkeeper tells about Ciri, her connection with Geralt and Yennefer ( story from the books )."
  • If Geralt gives Triss a ruby ring she says "So you love me and have forgotten her?". Meaning Yennefer.
  • If Geralt chose Triss as Alvin's guardian in Chapter III, and if he answers king Foltest when questioned about their relationship that he really loves Triss, the update on the Identity-quest says, among other things: "My amnesia prevents me from remembering our relations in the past, but I have the impression I once loved a sorceress, deeply..."
  • When Geralt asks laundress's husband if his wife heard any rumors about the witcher he replies: "They say you chase anything in the skirt, but you're a real dog for sorceresses. Supossedly you loved one once".
  • In The Witcher DLC "Side Effects" (made by CD Projekt Red as part of Enhanced Edition), Dandelion asks Geralt during their second conversation in jail :" ...and what about you and Yennefer?" And Geralt says to him: " I don't want to talk about this."

In The Witcher Battle Arena game

Yennefer is a playable character in the MOBA "The Witcher Battle Arena".

In the graphic novels


  1. Ostatnie życzenie (based on the short story The Last Wish)
  2. Granica możliwości (based on the short story The Bounds of Reason)

Film and TV

In the Polish Movie and TV series

In The Hexer movie and TV series from 2002, Yennefer was portrayed by Grażyna Wolszczak.


In the Netflix series

In the Netflix adaptation 2019, Yennefer is portrayed by Anya Chalotra. In the show, Yennefer has her first appearance in the episode titled "Four Marks", which is the beginning of her origin story which is constructed from the few bits the readers know about Yennefer in the novels. Her storyline spans over several decades.


Season 1, 2019:

  • E2: Four Marks
  • E3: Betrayer Moon
  • E4: Of Banquets, Bastards and Burials
  • E5: Bottled Appetites
  • E6: Rare Species
  • E7: Before a Fall
  • E8: Much More