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Ylva is in her late twenties, with rich red hair, green eyes and an almond shaped face. She is around 5’6” tall. Her skin is pale and her face unlined and slightly freckled; her hands are long and slender, the fingers rough from working with needles and ungents. She wears the robes of her faith.

Ylva is the daughter of an important Bonde of Hindarsfjall, and island to the north. She displayed great talent as a healer, and went into the temple of Freyja on Hindarsfjall until about 2 years ago. Ylva was sent from the temple to the Sanctuary in Lublow, because she was a very promising healer, and it was felt this rumoured curse could perhaps be turned aside by diligent worship of Freyja. She is only the second priestess of Freyja on Faroe, as the Sanctuary there is relatively new.

Ylva has no great love of the non-humans. She believes they hold to superstition, and this prevents the people of Skellige from truly embracing their faith. She has little truck with druids, and even less with the Wise Women that can be found in several villages. In her view, too much leniency and too many rights have been extended to the elves, but she does not blame the curse/killings on them, but on a lack of faith. She is fairly young, and full of fiery faith. She blames almost all effects on the actions of the unfaithful themselves, and sees her role as one of healing the mistakes of others. She has a fondness for Witchers, because she likes the way that they do not act as judges on sentient races – the role of gods and their clergy. Ylva unconsciously carries the arrogance of the better-born, even in her humbler role as a priestess of Freyja.