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Submerged city

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Submerged city
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Bremervoord / Great Sea

Ys is an underwater city in the sea off the coast of Bremervoord. Hidden by the tides, at the bottom of the Dragon's Fangs, there is an actual staircase which descends to the city. Geralt discovers this staircase while investigating the deaths of some fishermen for Agloval, the local regent. It is there that the witcher encounters a race of intelligent sea creatures. Intelligent, yes! but friendly, not at all, so a battle quickly follows. It is only through the extremely timely intervention of Sh'eenaz that Geralt is able to escape.

These events are described in the short story "A Little Sacrifice" in the Sword of Destiny collection by Andrzej Sapkowski.

In The Witcher computer game[]

Stones of Ys

In the game, Stones of Ys are used as alchemical ingredients. These are found in the remains of vodyanoi priests. It is likely that the vodyanoi in the game are meant to be the same creatures that Geralt encounters in the short story. It is like also the inspriration for the "underwater city" witnessed in the opening scene of Chapter IV and mentioned by the villagers of Murky Waters.



  • Ys was a mythical city which had been built below the sea level by King Gradlon (Gralon) of Cornouaille on the coast of Brittany. The city was protected from inundation by the strong gate and the bronze walls. It was said to be most beautiful and impressive city in Europe, which became a city of sin under the influence of Dahut (Ahes), King Gradlon's daughter. After the populace ignored the Saint Winwaloe's warning, the red-dressed knight seduced Dahut and persuaded her to steal her father's key to the city gate. Then the knight - who was no one other than the devil - opened the gate during storm and at high tide, and a wave as high as a mountain collapsed on Ys; and was the city swallowed by the ocean. Folklore asserts that the bells of the churches of Ys can still be heard in the calm sea.