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'''Yspaden''' is a city in [[Redania]], mistakenly referred to as [[Vspaden#Notes|Vspaden]], a duchy located north of [[Kaedwen]], in "[[The Price of Neutrality]]".
[[File:Icon Town.png|link=Cities and keeps#Towns and villages|Town]]
'''Yspaden''' is a town in located in northern [[Redania]], and mistakenly referred to as [[Vspaden]], in ''[[The Price of Neutrality]]''.
== Notes ==
*Name of the town is a simplified form of "[[Wikipedia:Ysbaddaden|Ysbaddaden]]", chief of [[giant]]s in Welsh tale ''[[Wikipedia:Culhwch and Olwen|Culhwch and Olwen]]''. In Sapkowski's ''[[Świat króla Artura. Maladie|The World of King Arthur]]'' the giant is named "Yspadden Penkawr" and is specified as a [[cyclops]].
* Vspaden or Vespaden is mentioned as a duchy in northern Kaedwen. (As source for this appears to be the [[Wiedźmin: Gra Wyobraźni]]). This should not be mistaken with the town in Redania.
* Geralt wants to go to Yspaden in the short story [[The Lesser Evil]], but he is worried to make it there in time, because the winter is near.
{{BookQuote|LW,LE|77||I'm making my way to Yspaden, but I don't know if I'll get there before the snows block the way. I might get stuck in one of the little towns on the [[Lutonski road]].}}

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